Jamia University
Jamia University

The students of Delhi University boycotted their exams and held a protest at Arts Faculty in North Campus today to show “solidarity with the students of JMI”.The students have alleged that the police used force today and they were beaten while protesting peacefully.

On 15th December, during the protest, the Delhi Police allegedly barged into the Jamia Millia Islamia campus and used excessive force such as lathi charge on the students and used tear-gas bombs to get control of the situation.

NSUI’s Delhi State President Akshay Lakra has alleged that ABVP members were beating students at Arts Faculty and indulged in violence to shut down the protest.

Meanwhile, DUSU President Akshit Dahiya said in a statement “It is my duty to go out to help the students who are appearing for the exams if they are stopped from doing so. A handful of students we preventing entire faculty to not appear also claiming falsely that the examination would happen later. The students called me for help and when i went i was attacked by them. Most of them were not even students of DU. They raised antinational slogans in front of me. We can never let such things happen in DU. We reject any lockdown call for DU and I reach out to all students to appear for exams without fear. We condemn the act of such violent perpetrators and such environment building cannot be tolerated.”

The Supreme Court has said that, “the ‘rioting’ must stop and there should be peace.” The court has also requested to take note of police action on students.Furthermore, the top court will hear the case tomorrow.