dum laga ke haisha pics and banners

dum laga ke haisha pics and banners

Dum laga ke haisha


Star Cast– Ayushmann Khurana and Bhumi Pedenkar

Director-Sharat Katariya

The story line

The very look of the film reflects a subtle hint about the plot, yes a plum girl and a bechara Boy who is a victim of the Indian conventional society, Sadhya (Bhumi Pedenkar) gets hooked to Prem (Ayushman Khurrana). The later has his entire happy quotient flying away from his door when he sees his pleasantly plum wife. Sandhya as a typical love infested wife tries hard to get over his attention but she hardly is victorious. They are on the verge of a divorce when she hears her husband ridiculing about her among his friends.

Flaws and faults-The film has an air of predictability factor and the story line can be easily summed up by modern day audience unlike yester years. Sharat Kataria has tried his hands on bringing something fresh, naive but somehow the whole plot has staleness in it with a flawed 2nd half. The first half can still be watched anticipating something would happen. The whole look and the plot has been depicted in the 90’s look with Kumar Sanu.The subplots are equally monotonous.

Acting as a respite-The only respite in this very average film is its casts. The actors have performed to their best of ability.Khurana as we know has that charm which he uses in his acting but Pedenkar as a new comer has actually as the winner if not by losing that extra pound but by her acting talent.

Script and Direction-

The story has an average base line, climax and anti climax not at all a relevant search in the film, the story is cliché. The middle class air, the local dialect and the basic life of a middle class genre has though been showcased in its best original attire. The script is just average. Director Sharat Katariya hardly manages to put “dum” into the film apart from the “dumadaar” female actress.

To watch or not to watch

The movie can be watched to break free from a monotonous office meeting or a lazy Sunday afternoon to revamp your gloom.

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