Prabha Atre
Prabha Atre

Prabha Atre was an Indian classical vocalist from the Kirana gharana. She has been awarded all three of the Padma Awards by the Government of India. She passed away after experiencing breathing difficulty in the early hours and was being taken to Dinanath Mangeshkar Hospital. She passed away before reaching the hospital from cardiac arrest.

Prabha Atre Biography

Prabha Atre is one of the top vocalists in the classical tradition. She has played an important role in popularizing Indian classical music globally. She comes in such rare artists who have mastered different types of music like Khayal, Thumri, Dadra, Ghazal, Geet, etc. Atre was born in Pune to Abbasaheb and Indrabhai Atre. As children, Atre and her sister Usha were interested in music, but neither had any intention of pursuing music as a career. When Atre was eight years old, Indira Bai was not in good health, so at the suggestion of his friend that taking classical music lessons would make him feel better, he took some lessons. Hearing those lessons inspired Atre to study classical music. Her musical training was based in the Guru Shishya tradition.

Prabha Atre Early life and Education

As children, Atre and her sister, Usha, were interested in music, but neither of them planned to pursue music as a career. When Atre was eight, Indirabai was not keeping good health, and at a friend’s suggestion that classical music lessons would help her feel better, she took a few lessons. Listening to those lessons inspired Atre to learn classical music. Her music training was in the Guru-shishya tradition. Atre learnt classical music from Sureshbabu Mane and Hirabai Badodekar from the Kirana gharana. Atre acknowledged the influence of two other greats, Amir Khan for khyal and Bade Ghulam Ali Khan for thumri, on her gayaki. Atre also has formal training in Kathak dance style.

Prabha Atre Career

Atre had a short stint as a singing stage-actress in the early days of her career. She also played roles in a line-up of Marathi theatre classics, which included Sangeet Nataks like Sanshay-Kallol, Maanaapamaan, Saubhadra and Vidyaharan. Atre was one of the senior vocalists in the country representing the Kirana Gharana. Her first LP, with Maru Bihag and Kalavati, clearly demonstrates her extraordinary artistry and creativity. She has contributed to popularizing Indian classical vocal music at global level. She was competent in various musical genres such as Khyal, Thumri, Dadra, Ghazal, geet, Natyasangeet, and bhajans.

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