Dr. Monica Sharma. World Suicide Prevention Day 2020 In recent years, there is no reason why the frustration of the mind has increased and there is no courage to bear the sorrow of hope shattering. It is the courage to fight life or the power to fight problems is lost. Whatever may be the reason, but due to these, the number of people who are upset with life is increasing. It includes people of all ages and all sections. Sometimes a dazzling lifestyle and sometimes a life full of struggles. Nothing is pleasing or anything pleasing.

It seems like everything has started to complain. Complaints make the mind weak and the atmosphere uncomfortable. Then boredom of the mind and ignorance of the environment leads the person to a situation where life itself is not pleasant. This is the reason why suicide is not a personal decision of any one person. Behind every such tragedy, there is a whole gamut of thought and behavior around it, whose end of the thread only complicates the thread of life. These complications cause suffocation in human mind. This fight to save every mind from shattering is a battle to be fought on a common front.

Talk with everyone:  This year, the theme of World Suicide Prevention Day is to work together to prevent suicide. It is worth noting that this special day, which brought awareness to save lives in every part of the world, was also associated with this idea last year. In such a situation, it is not difficult to understand how important it is for everyone to come together to save the lives of those who are defeated by the situation.

Cooperative Behavior Beyond Complaints:  Whether the complaints are towards a person suffering from a breakdown of mind or a person struggling with problems, should have dissatisfaction about everything. Both things increase the odds of living and promote the tendency to commit suicide. In practice, it cannot be a way of living or practicing life. Walking on the footsteps of life, everything is not according to the mind. Understand both this environment and that person. In such a situation, it is important to recognize the circumstances of the past, the sense of guilt associated with it or the concern about the future. Such sad incidents can be avoided by helping and supporting the people around.