White fungus is more deadly than black fungus for covid patient, find out what are its symptoms/NEW DELHI:

White fungus: The care of fungal infections remains the same amidst the corona epidemic. White fungus has also been reported in some states after corona patients became infected with black fungus mucormycosis. Understand what this white fungus is, what people are at higher risk of this disease and what its symptoms are

White fungus infection affects everything from the skin to the ears, lungs and brain, and its symptoms are almost identical to those of covid. However, this disease of white fungus is not unique to coronary heart disease. The symptoms of white fungus are similar to those of Covid-19. Corona’s patient easily falls into his clutches. The infection can be diagnosed with a chest x-ray or HRCT.

Cases of black fungus have been reported in Patna, Bihar. White fungus is even more deadly than black fungus, doctors say. So let us know where its symptoms are and what can be done to prevent it

The cause of white fungus

It can happen to people who have low immunity. Covid has a weakened immune system. So post covid can raise this disease head on. However, the exact causes of the disease have not yet been identified. But in general, experts estimate that exposure to contaminated water or plants can cause serious illness in patients with covid, as well as oxygen supplements that have not been sterilized, and over-consumption of steroids and antibiotics. 

Why is it more deadly?

White fungus spreads faster than black fungus. Its effect is more visible on the lungs and brain. White fungus spreads faster to the brain, digestive tract and kidneys than black fungus. This is why it is considered more deadly than black fungus. Kovid’s patient’s lungs are already weakened by the corona virus infection. This fungus infection proves to be more dangerous even in the condition where they cannot tolerate the atel of white fungus. 

White fungus Symptoms

As previously stated, White Fungus infection generates symptoms that are very much like seen in Covid patients, however, people test negative for the latter. A detailed test such as CT-Scan, X-ray or HRCT can help diagnose the infection.

– Whitish patches in the oral cavity

– White discharge

– Skin lesions

– Symptoms of pneumonia of cough, chest pain and low oxygen level.

What causes such a terrible transition in the body?

  • People who have low immunity
  • Contacts of  contaminated water or plants
  • Creating critically ill patients of Covid
  • Oxygen sources have not been sterilized
  • Abole intake of steroids and antibiotics 

Which patient has a higher risk of this disease :

  • Diabetic patient
  • Cancer patient
  • Severe Covid patient
  • Uncontrolled blood sugar
  • Chemotherapy Any type of transplant responsible 

What is the cure for white fungus?

Initially treated with antifungal drugs, however, depending on the severity of the disease 

What to do to prevent this disease

It is not possible to completely prevent white fungal infection but a little precaution can be taken.

  • Use masks
  • To Exercise Yoga
  • Be Strong Immunity
  • Keep Hygiene

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