What is Ananya Pandey's fitness secret after all? Let's find out

Ananya's Fitness

Everyone knows that Ananya is very cautious about her fitness, for which she works hard, she is often spotted outside the gym.

Secret of Slim Figure

people like Ananya a lot for her slim figure but do you know how she keeps herself slim or fit. Along with this, she also takes care of her health or skin.

Ananya's Secret Diet

If you also want to get a slim figure, then Ananya's secret diet will be very useful for you. So let us tell you how Ananya keeps herself fit.

Healthy Food

Ananya likes to eat fresh, healthy or nutritious food. At the same time, she takes her food in pieces, due to which her belly is full and the food is not too heavy.📷


Ananya goes to the gym and does cardio and weight training too, in which body fat does not accumulate. Apart from this, sometimes they burn their extra calories by dancing and swimming.


After waking up in the morning, Ananya takes low fat milk with two egg whites for breakfast, or else she prefers to eat upma, idli, dosa.


Whereas when it comes to lunch, Ananya prefers to eat grilled fish with vegetables, roti, lentils in the afternoon.

Evening Cravings

In the evening, she drinks filter coffee with exclusive nuts. that gives her energy

Light Dinner

Ananya is having a roti with vegetables and salad for dinner. Apart from this, he drinks water throughout the day to hydrate herself and also takes coconut water or juice along with it.