Short teaser of this mediocre 'ADIPURUSH' movie shows shortcomings in its trailer as well

The story of Adipurush is based on the epic saga of Ramayana, a great Indian epic


In Adipurush, Prabhas will appear as Lord Rama, Kriti Sanon as Sita, Sunny Singh as Lakshmana, and Saif Ali Khan as Ravana.


After the release of its teaser, Adipurush is facing controversies due to poor VFX and casting.


The trailer of Adipurush was recently released and it is receiving mixed reactions and reviews from the audience.


Learn about some mistakes in the Adipurush trailer

In the trailer, Kriti Sanon is portraying the character of Sita, and she can be seen wearing a necklace around her neck and anklets on her feet during her exile in the forest.

Sita Jewelry

In the trailer, some major glitches are also visible in the VFX of the animals shown.


In the trailer, once again, Prabhas is shown wearing leather sandals and armlets, although Lord Rama fought the battle of Lanka barefoot.

Prabhas's  Look

In the trailer, Prabhas is portraying the role of Lord Rama, but his face and body appear to be digitally altered. It seems as though animation has been used to enlarge the actor's body.

Live Action or Animation

Hanuman ji was a devoted follower of Lord Rama and therefore, his physical height was smaller than him. However, in the trailer, it has been shown the other way around.

Shri Ram & Hanuman