Ridhi Dogra Fitness and Diet Plan For a Toned Body

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Ridhi Dogra's toned physique and radiant glow are a testament to her dedication to maintain a balanced diet and a rigorous fitness routine.

Ridhi Dogra swears by Yoga and Pilates for maintaining her flexibility, strength and overall well-being.

Cardio exercise are an essential part of Ridhi's fitness routine. She incorporates activities like running, cycling etc.

As a dancer, Ridhi enjoys dance workouts which make her exercising fun.

Ridhi practices portion control to avoid overeating and maintains a disciplined approach to her diet.

Ridhi prefers to take a half n hour walk after having dinner, that helps in better digestion.

Ridhi also go to gym, whenever she gets time from her busy schedule.

Ridhi prefers to have 3 time meal and on time meal to lower down the chances of indigestion.

Ridhi considered as one of the fit actress of the industry for that she do a lot.