MOM Fame Sajal Ali Fitness and Diet Plan For Slim, Toned Figure

Sajal Ali Fitness & Diet

Pakistani actress Sajal Ali has a gorgeous figure. She received great appreciation with her debut in Sridevi's last movie MOM. Let's take a look at her fitness and diet routine.

Workout Routine

Sajal is not a gym freak but she does the proper workout with discipline. It helps her to toned her body.

Strength Training

She also performs push-ups to strengthen her upper body and muscles.

Vitamin D is Essential

She loves enjoying outdoor time and soaks in the sun as vitamin D helps to strengthen bones and aids in quick weight loss.

Home Cooked Meal

Sajal prefers only home-cooked food and avoids junk for a fit and  healthy body. She keeps a great watch on what she eats.


Her light breakfast includes a slice of brown bread with an egg and a cup of sugarless tea.

Lunch & Dinner

Sajal consumes lots of veggies in her lunch and for dinner, she eats steamed chicken packed with protein.

Fruits are Bae

The actress also eats lots of fruits to keep herself full and nutritious. Besides, she keeps drinks plenty of water to keep herself hydrated.