Mind reader exposed Dhirendra Shastri

1. Mind reader Suhani has exposed Dhirendra Shastri, in fact Dhirendra Shastri knows people's mind.

2. While people consider it a miracle, Suhani said that it is not a miracle but an art.

3. Suhani told Aaj Tak anchor Shweta Singh that whatever you think in your mind, like Dhirendra Shastri, I will also tell you what is going on in your mind and she showed it by doing so.

4. Knowing the mind is not a miracle or magic but an art which has to be practiced and Dhirendra Virendra Shastri understands it very well.

5. When the mind reader was asked about this trick, he said that we cannot reveal this trick.

6. Mind reader said that if we want to read someone's mind then for this we need to study a lot.

7. Mind Reader Suhani believes that reading people's mind is not a miracle but a scientific process.