Bhuvan Bam Stranger Bhuvan, from what journey did he become a YouTuber

Many stars come to Bollywood every year to make their mark, but there are very few who succeed in doing so.

There is also a star among these stars, who is shining fast not only in the world of social media but also in the world of acting.

The same Bhuvan Bam, who became a household name with 'Bibi Ki Vice', has turned 29 today i.e. on January 22. But do you know that Bhuvan Bam's journey from an ordinary boy to a Bollywood star has not been an easy one?

Bhuvan Vam, who tickles everyone with his comedy, was born on 22 January in Vadodara, Gujarat. Shortly after Bhuvan's birth, his parents shifted to Delhi, after which the comedian did his early studies from Delhi itself.

After this Bhuvan obtained a Khatak degree from Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, Delhi. Bhuvan loved doing comedy and singing songs since childhood

In such a situation, he had made up his mind to make his career in the field of art. To take the first step towards this dream, Bhuvan started his career as a singer in a restaurant.

But his parents did not like his singing in such a restaurant, so Bhuvan left this work and started composing his own songs.

While composing songs, one day came when Bhuvan came across a video which put in his mind the idea of making a place in the hearts of people through social media.