Akshara Singh's  Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Portion Control

Learn the art of portion control to prevent overeating and promote a sustainable calorie deficit for effective weight loss.

Akshara's Fitness & Diet Plan

Akshara exudes a passion for fitness, and her remarkable journey towards weight loss is truly inspiring.

Gym Workout

Akshara hits gym regularly to burn off her calories and it's an important part of her daily routine.

Yoga & Pilates

With unwavering faith in the potency of yoga, she has wholeheartedly integrated it into the foundation of her fitness regimen. Additionally, she incorporates pilates to enhance posture and bolster the body's core strength.

HIIT Training & Dancing

Engaging in High-Intensity Interval Training to boost endurance and target body fat is a crucial part of her routine. On occasions when hitting the gym isn't feasible, she turns to dancing as her preferred form of exercise.

Fruits & Veggies are Must

The actress incorporates fruits and vegetables into her diet to prioritize health and nourishment.

Sustainable Lifestyle Changes

Beyond weight loss, Akshara Singh's plan focuses on cultivating sustainable lifestyle changes that contribute to long-term health and well-being.

Meal Timing

Understand the significance of meal timing to keep your metabolism active and maintain steady energy levels throughout the day.