9 Most Memorable and Regrettable Fashion Statements by Urfi Javed

Urfi Javed donned a chic and sophisticated ensemble for the grand inauguration of Amit Aggarwal's store.

Urfi Javed's heart break look is sure to captivate the attention of her trolls, providing them with ample material for their critical commentary.

Urfi Javed fearlessly embarked on a unique experiment with kajras, showcasing her distinct style and unapologetically embracing her individuality.

Urfi Javed exudes elegance in her graceful anarkali ensemble, undoubtedly a delightful sight for her admirers and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Urfi Javed's jacket adorned with teddy bears is truly an awe-inspiring outfit that exudes charm and playfulness.

Oh, of course, it's just so typical of Urfi to indulge in her peculiar experiments with random things. How delightfully eccentric of her.

Urfi Javed exudes an enchanting allure and radiates sheer beauty in this captivating look, leaving no room for doubt.

Oh, just another typical day for Urfi, delivering her signature "weird" look with a top that resembles thorns. Because, you know, what else would you expect from her?

Urfi Javed exudes an exquisite aura of elegance and grace as she adorns herself in a stunning saree, radiating timeless beauty and charm.