best places to eat in delhi

It might be challenging to select what to eat and what not to in Delhi. Delhi is a well-known place for its beauty and its street foods. However, Delhi is full of good street foods, but people get confused about starting. To make all your confusion clear, here are some of the best places to eat in Delhi.


#1. Gulati’s:

Gulati’s is not a street food site, but it is one of the best restaurants in Delhi and all over the city. If you are on your vacation and plan to visit Delhi, this is where you must visit with your family. Gulati will be an excellent option for foodies as they would love to taste the signature dish butter chicken or various other dishes covering Mughlai and Tandoori cuisines. This restaurant is located in Pandara Road Market in Central Delhi. The menu is filled with tasty and delightful North Indian food.The prices are affordable. This restaurant is the favourite place for tourists, and they book the tables in advance.


#2. North Campus:

North Campus would be the best place to eat in Delhi. You won’t be disappointed by the great taste of its street food. When it comes to lip-smacking street food, fast food, and multi-cuisine, no one wishes to compromise its taste. North Campus is the favourite place of the students who are fans of street food. This is located near Delhi University Metro Station, which gathers the students’ attention towards its delicious and affordable foods.


#3. Hudson lane GTB Nagar:

This is just close to the central North Campus. In this area, you will find good cafes and the finest restaurants in Delhi. The cafes here mostly serve Italian food, fast food, and all kinds of beverages. The dishes here are budget-friendly, and the cafes are the best place to chill and hang out with your friends. This is located near the GTB Nagar metro station.


#4. South Campus:

If you are looking for a satisfactory and economically best lunch, then Satya Niketan, also known as South Campus, would be a splendid choice. The area is filled with students and office workers, who look for a good meal during their lunchtime.


You will get to find cool and amazing cafes like Scooter on the Wall, the most famous Big Yellow Door and many more.  You can get every kind of cuisine like Italian, Chinese, North and South Indian etc.


#5. Old Delhi:

It is one of the most iconic places for the best places to eat in Delhi. This is the favourite place for Chaatpapri, dahibhallas and jalebi lovers. If you are a fan of Mughlai dishes, then you should visit here once. It is located near Chandani Chowk or Chawri Bazar Metro station.

Conclusion: Delhi is indeed the hub of good and authentic food, so when in Delhi, give your tummy the best treat!