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Vikrant Rona – Kiccha Sudeep Movie Review – Cast, Cinematography, ETC.

Vikrant Rona - Kiccha Sudeep Movie Review - Cast, Cinematography, ETC.

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Vikrant Rona – Kiccha Sudeep Movie Review – Cast, Cinematography, ETC.


  • Starring – Sudeep, Nirup Bhandari, Neetha Ashok, Jacqueline Fernandez, Ravishankar                          Gowda
  • Director – Anup Bhandari
  • Producers – Shalini Jack Manju, Alankar Pandian
  • Music Director – B Ajaneesh Loknath
  • Cinematography – William David
  • Editor – Ashik Kusugolli

Kiccha Sudeep is staying for release of his movie Vikrant Rona before a veritably long time. The film has eventually hits the screens today.

Let’s see the reviews and how it’s-

Story Of Vikrant Rona

Vikrant Rona is a movie of period drama and is set on the ancient townlet called Komarattu in Karnataka. A bobby gets killed mysteriously and comes in inspector Vikrant Rona( Sudeep) to take care the situation. On the disquisition, he finds that sixteen other small kiddies have been killed also and those all the murders have a connection with his life. What’s that connection? Who’s the killer? and how did Vikrant Rona break it?

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Plus Points

One of the biggest means of the film are the product values which are amazing. The setup and world created look relatively interesting and produce a tense atmosphere for the watcher. The camerawork showcasing the forestland visuals and arresting BGM are the backbone of the film.
Sudeep is one further major asset as his performance is stunning. He has substantially single scenes and needs to carry the film on his shoulders and Sudeep did a fantastic job. In the climax sudeep has done good action and suerb cool looks in the climate.
Jacqueline Fernandez plays a gem and she’s cute in the Rakamma song. The story is set up relatively well during the starting fifteen minutes of the movie. The climax and the way the killer is revealed is also executed relatively well in the end.
The director has created a new world to narrate a suspension drama and the VFX also plays major part and it looks superb. The supporting cast also did well in their separate places. Nirup Bhandari gets a meaty part and does well.

Minus Points

One of the biggest downsides of the film is the redundant length. The film needs to be trimmed for at least fifteen twinkles straight and one song can be diced off to make the viewing experience more.
Once the story is established relatively well in the starting fifteen minutes, the proceedings go wayword. The love track and the way Sudeep investigates the case look confusing and bore the followership. Indeed the interval bang also doesn’t creat important impact.
The script for suspension grounded flicks needs to gripping but that isn’t the case here. In crucial areas, it’s veritably good but for the rest of the scenes there’s a pause created and sidelines the film after a while. There are some action blocks which weren’t demanded at all.

Specialized Aspects

As said before, the product values are top notch and one can not make out the forestland localities are indeed setwork. The BGM, props used, costumes, and graphics are arresting. Editing is bad but the scenario was just about okay. Telugu dubbing was decent.
     The possible job for this film which is shown in this is done by Anup Bhandari. His story idea is simple but the world that he created to recite the suspension drama is amazing.
His characterisation, actors and specialized crew do a great job. But Vikrant Rona falls short when it comes to a gripping script. In order to confuse the followership more, the history goes haywire and creates further confusion for the audience. However, the production would have been truly great, If he’d have edited fifteen twinkles and told the story in a simple manner.


On the whole, Vikrant Rona is a suspension drama that has great background, solid performance by Sudeep, and amazing product values. The world created schemes you but at the same time, the extra length and confusing script side track the attention of the audience. However, this film ends as a passable watch this weekend.

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