Vikrant Mehla is an emerging star in the entertainment business and Social Media Influencer who is establishing a name for himself with his remarkable performances and endearing nature. In this article, we will look at Vikrant Mehla’s bio, age, height, family, and other data, as well as his early life, professional successes, and future projects.

Early Life and Education

Vikrant Mehla, born on March 29, 1995, in Haryana, showed an early interest in both cricket and acting. He showcased his love and talent by actively participating in school plays, inter-school cricket tournaments, and numerous performances. Vikrant began his academic and extracurricular endeavours at Tagore Bal Niketan School in Pehowa, Haryana. Later, he attended DAV Senior Secondary School in Pehowa, Haryana, for his further secondary education. During this time, he not only improved his cricket skills, but also his acting ability, laying a solid foundation in both the performing arts and athletics.

Social Media Presence


In today’s digital age, Vikrant Mehla recognises the need of connecting with his fan base and retaining interaction. With a strong understanding of the power of social media, he actively uses platforms like Instagram and YouTube to provide his followers with insights into his personal life, reveal behind-the-scenes moments from his projects, and create direct relationships with his fans. Vikrant cultivates a strong and long-lasting relationship with his devoted fans through his well-curated social media presence, while also keeping them informed and up to speed on his current endeavours.

Entry into the Entertainment Industry

Vikrant Mehla entered the entertainment business with strong commitment and unrelenting tenacity. Beginning his career as a model in Haryanvi songs such as “Yaari,” he recognised the value of improving his acting skills and subsequently enrolled at the prestigious “Padarpan Films and Theatre Institute“, Delhi. Vikrant effectively caught the attention and adoration of audiences by his outstanding talent and unwavering devotion, notably in 2019 with the release of the project “Yaari.” Despite being linked with a little budget and a lesser-known channel, this endeavour was a crucial milestone in boosting his career within the thriving Haryanvi business.


Vikrant Mehla shares a strong bond with his family, who have been a source of support throughout his journey in the entertainment industry. His father name is Subhash Chander Mehla, he is a businessman, his mother Suman Mehla is a happy homemaker. He has three siblings , one elder brother and two elder sisters. Vikrant acknowledges their role in shaping his career and expresses gratitude for their unwavering support.

Height and Appearance


Vikrant Mehla possesses a charismatic personality and an impressive physical presence. Standing at “6.4” body measurements “46-36-42”, he carries himself with confidence and grace, which adds to his on-screen appeal. His charming smile and expressive eyes further contribute to his captivating screen presence.

Career Achievements

Vikrant Mehla is an aspiring individual who embarked on his career journey with great enthusiasm. Initially setting his sights on a cricketing career, he dedicated himself to the sport, but circumstances beyond his control prevented him from realizing his dream of becoming a professional cricketer. Undeterred by this setback, Vikrant persevered with unwavering determination and continued to nurture his passion for cricket. Although he did not have the opportunity to pursue it professionally, his love for the sport remains an integral part of his identity.

However, Vikrant found solace and a new avenue for his creative expression in the realm of acting. Venturing into the Haryanvi industry, he explored his passion for performance through Haryanvi songs and also utilized his talent to create entertaining and humorous videos for his YouTube channel. His dedication and talent have propelled him into becoming a recognized figure in the Haryanvi entertainment sphere, and he continues to strive for even greater achievements.

As Vikrant Mehla’s career progresses, he remains committed to honing his craft and expanding his horizons. With his boundless potential, it is certain that he has a promising future ahead, and there is still much more to be anticipated from his journey in the world of entertainment.

Below is a comprehensive list of Vikrant Mehla’s current and ongoing endeavors, demonstrating his continued dedication and commitment:

  1. Notable completed projects:
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By actively engaging in these ventures, Vikrant Mehla showcases his unwavering determination to pursue and excel in his craft. He consistently seeks opportunities to expand his creative repertoire and leave a lasting impact in the entertainment industry.


In conclusion, Vikrant Mehla is a talented actor or model who has made a significant impact in the entertainment industry. With his remarkable performances, dedication, and versatility, he has garnered a strong fan base. As he continues to push boundaries and take on challenging roles, there is no doubt that Vikrant Mehla’s career will continue to flourish, and his contributions to the haryanvi industry will be celebrated.