Vidit Santosh Gujrathi is an Indian chess grandmaster. In January 2013, he became India’s 30th grandmaster. He is the fourth highest ranked player in India as of September 2023. He is the fourth Indian player to surpass the 2700 Elo rating.

Early Life and Education

Vidit Gujrathi was born in Nashik, India, on October 24, 1994. His interest in chess began at a young age, and he rapidly demonstrated exceptional skill. Vidit’s parents recognised his talent and enthusiastically supported his desire, providing him all the tools and encouragement he needed to play chess seriously.

Chess Journey Begins 

Vidit Gujrathi began his chess career at the age of ten by joining a local chess club. His commitment and strategic aptitude quickly drew the attention of his instructors, who anticipated a bright future for him in the world of chess. He began by competing in regional and national events, steadily rising through the rankings.

Rise to Prominence 

Vidit’s breakthrough moment occurred at the age of 16, when he was awarded the title of International Master (IM). This achievement acted as a springboard for even greater success in the years ahead. His perseverance and steadfast concentration set the path for additional accomplishments.

Grandmaster Title 

One of the most significant milestones in Vidit Gujrathi’s career was attaining the Grandmaster (GM) title. This prestigious accomplishment is the pinnacle of success for any chess player. Vidit achieved this feat at the age of 18, making him one of the youngest Indian chess Grandmasters.

Notable Career Achievements 

Vidit’s chess journey is adorned with several remarkable achievements. Some of his notable accomplishments include:

1. Representing India 

Vidit Gujrathi has been a key member of the Indian chess team, representing the nation in various international events. His contributions have played a crucial role in India’s success in team competitions.

2. World Chess Olympiad 

He has been an integral part of the Indian team at the World Chess Olympiad, where India has consistently performed exceptionally well. Vidit’s strategic prowess and determination have been instrumental in securing victories.

3. Mentorship 

Aside from his stellar playing career, Vidit has also taken on the role of a mentor to aspiring chess players. He conducts online coaching sessions and shares his knowledge, inspiring the next generation of chess enthusiasts.

Personal Life 

Beyond the chessboard, Vidit Gujrathi leads a balanced life. He believes in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, emphasizing physical fitness and mental well-being. His dedication to holistic development sets a great example for aspiring chess players.


In conclusion, Vidit Gujrathi’s journey from a young chess enthusiast in Nashik to becoming an International Grandmaster is nothing short of inspirational. His dedication, strategic brilliance, and commitment to the game have earned him a special place in the chess world. Vidit serves as a role model for aspiring chess players worldwide.