VIDEO: सांसद प्रज्ञा ठाकुर के विवादित बोल, कहा-हेमंत करकरे कुछ लोगों के लिए देशभक्‍त हो सकते हैं लेकिन..

Pragya Thakur has created an uncomfortable situation for BJP many times due to controversial rhetoric


Bhopal :

BJP MP from Bhopal

Pragya Thakur (Pragya Thakur) has become ‘famous’ for controversies. Due to controversial rhetoric, she has created an uncomfortable situation for her party BJP many times. Pragya has once again given a controversial statement regarding the ‘martyr’ police officer Hemant Karkare in the Mumbai terror attack. Pragya had said a few years ago that due to her curse, Karkare, an IPS officer of Maharashtra cadre, died. Due to this statement, he and his party had to face sharp criticism. However, there is still no change in Pragya’s attitude. She again said that she does not consider Hemant Karkare to be a patriot.