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Valentine’s Week List 2022 :The week to celebrate your love has finally arrived. Popularly known as the celebration of Saint Valentine, this festival is celebrated by lovers to strengthen the bond they share for with other. Let us explore what this exciting has in store for lovers.

The start of Valentine week begins with Rose Day. Lovers generally gift each other a rose on this day to express their feelings

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If you have been waiting for ages to propose that special someone, Propose Day is your ticket to go and get her/him. Pour your heart out to that special person as this day is the perfect time to confess your feelings.

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They say chocolate is the way into a girl’s heart and this fact is not entirely wrong. Gift her a chocolate and she will be more than willing to go out with you however, if you have still not met that special one treat yourself.

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  • 10 Feb- Teddy Day

Girls love cuddly plush toys so, Teddy Day is the perfect excuse to gift her a bundle of joy if you have been waiting to gift her a little something.

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  • 11 Feb- Promise Day

Love is a promise to stay by each other’s side. 11th Feb is celebrated as Promise Day throughout the world.

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  • 12 Feb- Kiss Day

Passion is essential in relations and can boost love among partners. Kiss day is the perfect excuse for you to grab your partner and share a passionate moment with each other.

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  • 13 Feb- Hug Day

Hugs are a way of showing affection. Give your partner a tight hug and see the color flush in her cheeks.

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Valentine is the perfect way to spend some quality time with your partner, take your loved one on a special date to express your love for her/him.

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