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In this part of Top 10, let us know about those facts about India which only a few people would know. Enjoy the pictures.
India is a confluence of different cultures. Here, from one place to another, the culture, language, and costumes all differ. More than 1600 languages are spoken in India. Along with this, our country is also called the country of festivals.

Talking about the geographical importance of India, here too our country is surrounded by specialties. The plains of central India, the rain forests of the northeast, the icy cold Himalayan region, and the arid deserts in the west, all add to the beauty of India. In this part of Top 10, let us know about those facts about India that few people know.

1. India has the largest number of vegetarians in the world

In India, 38 percent of the total population are vegetarian. Due to such a large number, India tops the list of vegetarians.

2. The United Nations Mission has the largest number of Indian soldiers

India has so far deployed more than 2.5 lakh peacekeepers in 49 peacekeeping missions of the United Nations. With this number, India has reached the list of most contributors to the United Nations mission.

3. India’s Mars Mission was cheaper than the budget of the film

The budget of Mangalyaan, which was successfully launched in 2013, was $ 74 million. Whereas the budget of Gravity film made in Hollywood was $100 million.

4. India is the second largest country where English is spoken

India is the second largest English-speaking country in the world, just after America.

5. India’s dominance in Green Earth

It was revealed from NASA satellites that China and India are at the forefront of greenery.

6. Indian Railways is one of the largest railway networks in the world

Do you know India has the largest railway network in the world? The number of people traveling daily in Indian Railways is equal to the entire population of Australia. Also, Indian Railways provides the most jobs.

7. There is a village where houses do not have doors

It is a famous fact about Shani Shingnapur village of Maharashtra that there are no doors in any house. The special thing here is that despite the absence of doors, there is not a single incident of theft.

8. 70% of Spices Of The World Are Found In India

India accounts for 70% of all spices in the world. Our country mainly exports black pepper, red chili, turmeric, ginger, cardamom, coriander, cumin, fennel, fenugreek, carom seeds, nutmeg, mace, garlic, tamarind, and vanilla.

9. Internet users in India are more than the entire population of America

Internet access has become very easy in urban areas as well as in rural areas. Talking about the year 2022, India is in the top position with 658 million internet users.

10. India is the land of festivals

India is called the land of festivals, where people of all religions live together. The festivals of India truly reflect the rich culture and traditions of this country.