Although with the current technologies in place, tooth extraction has become painless, which is just the opposite of the previous times due to the doctors’ advanced tools at Smile Wide – The best dental clinic in Panchkula. However, even after this, you would be required to take extra precautions to make your soft tissues heal properly and prevent postoperative complications.

Here are some dos and don’ts you should follow after your tooth extraction process to help you out.

Tooth Extraction Aftercare:


Take as much rest as possible, and make sure to keep your head upright by propping the position in the pillow.
Consume huge amounts of soft food such as smoothies, mashed vegetables, and soups.
For a certain period, avoid physical activity or carry heavy objects.
On the side of the face where the tooth was extracted, apply the ice pack, which will reduce the swelling.


1. If you smoke, avoid it for at least 48 hours right after the tooth extraction.
2. Avoid eating solids, as right after the tooth extraction, the mouth is still numb, and eating solids can choke you.
3. Avoid taking aspirin as it is a blood thinner and it prevents healing
4. Avoid drinking any hot drinks, sweets, spices, or candies.

Hence, if you follow the advice given above, we are sure that there will be no complications regarding your post tooth extraction process.