We all have heard about the Taj Mahal and plenty of architectural marvels in our country. But, there also an eye-catching and beautiful new building that is being made by capable architectures. It is not an easy job to get it done with such beautifully made and perfect designs.  It takes tons of effort and studies to master the art of developing an ideal building. There are dozens of students who desire to get the same job by following their passion. If you reside in UP, then it’s crucial to reach out to the Best B.Arch College in U.P to learn all concepts and aspects behind it.

Let’s take a look at top structures in India which can definitely grab the attention of people by its distinctive design.

Statesman House, New Delhi

Statesman House, New Delhi Statesman House

The building is situated in the middle of New Delhi at Barakhamba road. The building has re-developed in order to proffer more space. Now it’s a massive office complex which is providing quality space on rent for all sort of businesses.

Infosys, Pune

Buildings on Infosys' Pune Campus Infosys

The structure appears like a white egg-like design with metallic detailing, the iconic Infosys building in Pune seems something straight of sci-fi movie because of futuristic design.

Lotus Temple, Delhi

Lotus Temple, Delhi Lotus Delhi

It is known as the mother temple of India and a very peaceful place to spend your day. It has a remarkable shape of a flower that has won numerous architecture awards. The temple is a prominent attraction in Delhi, that has an eye-catching design that drawing in tourists globally.

Bombay art society, Mumbai

Bombay art societyBombay art society Mumbai 1

It is developed by Sanjay Suri which is inspired by the expressionist architecture of Europe. It is one of the most magnificent buildings with distinctive designs in Mumbai.

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