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Amongst the various industries which have been severely hit due to the entire coronavirus pandemic, Casino is amongst the worst affected industry. With a big heart, the Goa casinos offer assistance to the Goa government in handling the whole of COVID-19 Pandemic. Goa’s casinos have come forward to help all the people out there who are stranded in this situation due to the lockdown and provide them with basic needs and amenities.

Goa Casinos CSR Divisions

Every casino’s operating company has a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) division. The CSR groups are the ones that are primarily responsible for looking after the various situations which affect the client’s satisfaction level. The CSR divisions that come Infront to help their clients in case of any need or emergencies.

The CSR division has come together to contribute to the state government relief funds and provide their helping hand in managing all the complicated logistics. The Goa casinos offering assistance has proved that ‘Humanity’ still exists. Even after this industry had been hit severely due to the ban on traveling, they always came out to help show their generosity and willingness to help.

The CSR division has left no stone unturned in providing extensive support to the government in terms of being physically present and monetarily.

How Goa Casinos Offer Assistance

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The casino industry players claimed that since the past few months, they have continuously been helping the state government to help all the people who are stuck in Goa due to the lockdown. May Goa casinos claim that they have helped Georgian nations by offering them food and accommodation as per the request by their embassy. These tourists are taken care of with the best of facilities and will be taken care of until they do no-fly black. Many of the casino owners have also donated lakhs of rupees to the Chief Minister Relief Funds right after the first phase of the lockdown was announced on the 24th of March.

Many of the casinos have come together to provide means to the policemen who are regularly on duty and are patrolling 24*7. Casinos, despite shutting their gates, have kept their kitchens open and functional even during the lockdown. Moreover, the casinos are also following and maintaining all the safety standards as the health and safety of both the employees and the consumers is of utmost priority.

Few casinos are also involved in sourcing and procurement of various essentials items such as food products, medicines, medical devices for the people out there.

These are some of the challenging times the country has to go through, but the Goa casinos have done a commendable job in providing extensive support throughout to the state government.