About thatstamil

That’sTamil is a language-learning app that will teach you the words and phrases of the Tamil language.

This app is easy-to-use. This mobile app contains a short course on basics of tongue movement for learners, a comprehensive course with grammar lessons, and a loyal pronunciation guide.

Along with this. there also provide more than 200 practical everyday that improve your conversations anywhere you go. For anybody who wants to started straight away without reading about it at length! This app is particularly useful for those who travel to India or Sri Lanka regularly.

This is a perfect language-learning app for learners and non-Tamil talkers.

The app also provides you with an introduction to the language’s structure slabs of grammar, the alphabet and pronunciation. This app is Parents friendly they use it to learn Tamil words for children.

thats tamil includes features

– 200 practical phrases that organised into groups

– A rapid course on basics of tongue movement for learners

– A complete course with grammar lessons

– A pronunciation guide specific to Tamil

– No net connection required

– A Tamil dictionary have more than 3,600 words

– No advertisements

The app is available for all Android devices running version 2.1 or above. It’s currently free to download on Google Play Store for a limited period of time.

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