Tejaswini (Vygha)

Tejaswini Vygha Reddy Biography!! She is the second wife of Dil Raju. The couple had tied the knot on 10th May in Nizamabad. Held amidst the COVID-19 induced lockdown, the marriage ceremony was attended by only close family friends.

Tejaswini Vygha Reddy Biography

It is a little bit surprising that Dil Raju has gone the extra mile to protect the personal details of his second wife. His team concealed all information about her even after releasing photographs. However, one thing is very much certain that her name has now been changed. She will now be known as Vygha Reddy. Her original name along with surname might have been changed to conceal her caste. 

As for profession, she used to be an air hostess. The name of the airlines’ company is not known to which she was working. It is believed that Dil Raju had first seen her on a flight.

Personal Profile

Date of Birth:

Age: 32 Years



Birth Place:

Religion: Hindu

Caste: Velama

Educational Qualification:


Family and Relationship:

Married to Dil Raju

Interesting Facts:

  • Anitha, the first wife of Dil Raju, has died in 2017 because of Cardiac arrest. He has one daughter Hanshita Reddy from his first marriage who is now married and has two kids.
  • Dil Raju had only recently indicated his plan to get married. After the departure of his daughter, he was all alone and hence decided to go ahead with the marriage plan.

Some Images of Tejaswini Vygha Reddy 

Dil Raju Wife tejaswini Vygha Reddy

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