Sushma Swaraj admitted killing of 39 Indians

Sushma Swaraj admitted killing of 39 Indians

Among the significant terrorist organization disrupting many parts of the world, ISIS is the most prominent in all of them. ISIS is the reason of devastation in the northern Iraq and Syria resulting in the migration of the natives. The ongoing civil war in these two countries continued since 2014 where the ISIS militants target the civilians to uproot the existing government.

Although daily newspaper mention news related to the killing of people by the ISIS in Syria, the latest update is about an incident that occurred in 2014, but now it’s confirmation come about now. It’s about the Indian hostage who got kidnapped by the ISIS in Iraq largest city Mosul. Altogether 39 Indian hostage death conformation announced by the external affair minister of India Sushma Swaraj.

As per the latest statement of Mrs. Sushma Swaraj in the Rajya Sabha where she accepted that the 2014 kidnapped Indian hostages are dead. She said that the DNA samples of 38 hostages matched entirely while the samples of 39th person match 70 percent. She further adds that the external affair minister of state General VK Singh will visit Iraq to bring back the remains of the dead body of these 39 hostages.

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For the process of DNA verification, the remains of these dead hostages kept in the Baghdad. Adding to this the DNA samples of the family member provided for the conducting of DNA verification in the forensic lab. Moreover, the dead mortal of the hostage will get delivered to their family members once the Indian authorities bring them back. It has the involvement of the central government and state governments which majorly include Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Bihar and West Bengal. For that matter, many stoppages made for the plane carrying these dead mortals for delivering. The Plane will stop at Delhi, Amritsar, Patna, and Kolkata.

Lone Indian survivor negate the government statement

Meanwhile, until the last year, the government of India, as well as Iraq, were stating that the hostages were all alive. The other side of the coin is portraying a different picture as per Harjit Masih. He was an Indian survivor from the capture of the ISIS of the hostage group. Since he returned to the nation, he continually stating about the death of other Indian hostages in his group. He claims that the national government kept the family and relatives of departed hostages in the dark by hiding the truth from them. He also claims that the government did not pay any attention to his statement where he told them about the death of remaining hostages.

He said that while all of them were in the capture of ISIS where they kept them for a few days before they killed them. On the day of their killing, all of them were purposely get to sit on their knees before the militant start firing on them. It was the fortune of Harjit Masih that the bullet just hit his thighs and no other body part. He later flees away from the capture and returned straight to his motherland. Moreover, these hostages are residing in Iraq to earn their livelihood. ISIS militants capture them together from the Mosul city of Iraq. Furthermore, most of them belong to different part of Panjab including Hoshiarpur, Gurdaspur, Amritsar, Kapurthala, and Jalandhar.

On the one hand, where the other party members are offering prayer and support to the families of hostages, they equally bash the government for not disclosing the fact to the nation. To this, the external affair minister Sushma Swaraj said that there was not any evidence which suggests the death. Also, she said that it’s a sin to tell someone died without knowing the fact.