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  • Solar ACs save electricity
  • Can walk on electricity even when there is no sun
  • There are many options in this segment.

New Delhi. Solar Air Conditioners: To give relief in this summer season, coolers and fans fail, then only air conditioner (AC) is used there. But when it comes to buying AC , many people are ready to buy it, but it is not a matter of everyone to bear the cost of electricity. If you also want to buy AC, but are worried about its electricity bill, then you do not have to worry about it now. We are telling you about such AC, which will not cost electricity as much as possible. Yes, we are talking about Solar AC which will also give you relief from the heat and will not affect the pocket every month.

If you are running a 1.5 ton inch split AC with a 5 star rating then it consumes around 1490 watts of electricity per hour. If we talk according to the unit of electricity, then electricity consumption is about 1.5 units per hour. At the same time, if you run AC for 12 hours, then about 18 units are consumed. You can determine the consumption of 18 units by the electricity rates in your area. If you tell us about Rs 7.50 per unit in Delhi, then you can get a bill of around Rs 135 per day. It can be considered 4000 rupees per month.

Solar ACs have now arrived in the Indian market. Yes, you will run them as you wish and the electricity bill will not come. Because they do not run on AC power but run on solar power. Connect them to the solar plate. The solar plate takes energy from the sun to generate electricity and the batteries are charged from them, which gives the AC power to run. By the way, the price jasa kontraktor of solar AC is much higher than that of ordinary AC powered by electricity. If you are looking at it for a long time, then there is an advantage in it.

There are many such companies in the market which make solar AC in today’s time. At present, AC of 1.5 ton to 2 ton are present and their price can be close to Rs 1 lakh. If you are wondering how AC will run without electricity, then this AC can run with electricity even when there is no sun.

Onyx 1.5 Ton Hybrid Split Solar Air Conditioner:

Talking about the specification, this 1.5 ton AC gets excellent cooling. It has 100 percent coop coil, eco friendly plastic, double auto swing, forward air throw, automatic flaps, auto shut flaps and auto restart feature. It has automatic air flow adjustment and sleeper time.

SINFIN 1.5 Ton Solar PCU Split Inverter AC: In

terms of specification, 1.5 ton has been given similar features. The copper one comes equipped with the best in class cooling features with AC energy efficient and easy maintenance. It has a sleep mode that auto adjusts the temperature to ensure rest during sleep.

Split Metallic Teramax Solar Air Conditioner :

These solar ACs come in capacities ranging from 0.75 to 1, 1.5 and 2 tonnes. DC 48 V voltage is given in this AC. It is a metallic split AC. Its panel power is 300W and 325W. Talking about the price, the starting price of this AC is 55 thousand rupees.

Metallic SOLAR AIR CONDITIONER, Bldc, 2000 Watt:

This solar AC is in 1.5 ton capacity. This AC has a 48/220 voltage. It is a metallic split AC. This AC with BLDC fan cooler is rated 5 stars. Its panel power is 2000 WATT. Talking about the price, the starting price of this AC is 45 thousand rupees.

Apna Plastic / Fiber SWAY20 Solar Air Conditioner:

This solar AC is in 2 ton capacity. This AC has a 48/220 voltage. It is a plastic fiber split AC. Talking about the price, the starting price of this AC is Rs 52,135.