New Delhi: In the vaccination campaign, many states are constantly complaining that they are not getting the Corona Vaccine Shortage to apply to people. On the other hand, the Wastage of Vaccine continues to be bad in some states. According to the Health Ministry data, Jharkhand is at the top in the vaccine wastage. While the Ministry of Health has a clear directive that the waste of vaccine should be kept below one percent. According to the data released on Tuesday evening, Jharkhand has the maximum of 37.3% vaccine doses. This means that one out of every three doses is wasted. While this average is 6.3% at the national level, in case of some other states, Chhattisgarh comes second and Tamil Nadu third in terms of wastage. In Chhattisgarh 30.2% wastage, while in Tamil Nadu this figure is 15.5%. They are followed by Jammu and Kashmir (10.8%) and Madhya Pradesh (10.7%).

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Such massive waste of vaccine is a cause for great concern. In any major vaccination campaign, the point of waste of vaccine is taken care of and the purchase and distribution of the vaccine is done accordingly. According to this figure, the vaccination rate of the country is determined. It has a definite formula. Dose is calculated according to how much vaccine a state has to give every month and the population that has to be vaccinated. When doing this calculation, the WMF i.e. Vestage Multiple Factor is also important.

There are two important reasons for vaccine wastage. The first is the expiry of unopened vials or vials. Or wasted or stolen due to excess heat or cold. Such a vial is returned. While the main reason for vaccine wastage in open vial or vial is either not given full dose, not enough number of people to reach the vaccination center, open vial water fall, fear of contamination of open vial or correct vaccination program. Do not run properly.

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States where vaccine is being massively wasted, obviously they are not able to run the vaccination program properly. Ten people have doses and only six arrive, then the remaining four doses are wasted. The second major reason is the inability of the vaccinators to be adequately trained. However, the Ministry of Health has issued detailed guidelines on its behalf.

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Obviously, these states have to take care that there is no such negligence in the vaccination program. Every wasted dose means that no other person gets a vaccine, at a time when the country is struggling with scarcity due to insufficient supply of vaccines, this waste of vaccines is inexcusable.