Shirish Kunder

Shirish Kunder was born on 24-05-1973 in Mangalore in the state of Karnataka, India. He is an Indian Film Director, Editor, Film Producer, Composer, Music Director, Lyricist & Screenwriter who known for his work in Bollywood films.

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Everyone does surely remember the cute love story that was presented before us in 2006 “Jaan-e-mann” featuring Akshay Kumar, Preity Zinta and Salman Khan. With a high star studded platform, the movie still didn’t get many tickets cut on the box office. But very few know that it was actually a directorial debut of the director Shirish Kunder.
Shirish is a Mangalorean but was brought and grew in Mumbai. With no star background he was an average student at the SDM College of Engineering and Technology in Dharwad. He never knew that he would ever drag himself into films but after 4 years of his employment with Motorola as an Electrical Engineer he did take a twisted turn and launched himself in the film industry as an editor. During his college days, he alongwith many other first year students was taken in a truck to vote for Bjp by the ABVPs and later removed the ink and asked them to vote again. Still, they voted for another party and BJP lost. He chuckles about the incident, still.


He made a remarkable mark as an editor in the industry with movies like Armaan, Om Shanti om, Tees Maar Khan, Waqt, Main Hoon Na , Socha Na Tha and many more. After Jaan-e-mann he tried his hands in the directorial field again by directing, editing, producing his own movie Joker starring Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha. Again with not such a powerful script his movie took a deep leap and his take as a director failed disastrously. His third directorial venture was a short film Kriti which again grabbed eyeballs for being extremely intelligent and also for the fact that it faced legal charges from Aneel Neupane for stealing of script. Being twitter’s favorite child, his satirical tweets on politics, BJP or Modi have always been taking up the heat.


He was born to Geetanjali Kunder. He married choreographer Farah Khan on 09-12-2004 during the shoot of Main Hoon Na. Being 8 years younger to her, nothing deterred him from falling in love and later getting married to her. They are blessed with beautiful triplets on 11-02-2008 include a son named Czar Kunder and two daughters named Diva KunderAnya Kunder. Film director Sajid Khan is his brother-in-law.