Sanjay Jha is an Indian politician and national spokesperson for the Indian National Congress (INC) party since 2013 and represents the INC party in TV debates and panel discussions. He is the President of All India Professionals Congress, Maharashtra. Jha is the executive director of Dale Carnegie Training operations in India.


Political career

Jha is the national spokesperson for the Indian National Congress party. He is also the President of All India Professionals Congress, Maharashtra.


In a tweet, he claimed that Subramanian Swamy was a CIA agent on 25 April 2014, citing WikiLeaks. Swamy served a legal notice to Jha on 12 May and sued him for INR 3 crores. He then tendered an official apology stating “I, therefore, regret any disrepute or pain caused to Dr. Swamy since that was never my intention”. Earlier the same month, Jha also tweeted that Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the “weakest” Prime Minister of India, which drew strong reactions from the Bharatiya Janata Party ( BJP), and led to his own party distancing themselves from the remarks.

In November 2017 he shared photoshopped pictures of BJP leaders and later apologized.

On 28 March 2019, he tweeted that Prime Minister Narendra Modi; “has white hair. But he sounds more like a blonde.” drawing widespread criticism with the remarks being labeled sexist. Jha also claimed that indelible voting ink used in the 2019 Indian general election to mark those voters that had already cast ballots was easily removable with nail polish.

Literary career

Jha has written columns for Congress mouthpiece National Herald,, The Huffington Post, and the DailyO of Indian Today Group. He has written a cricket anthology, 11 Triumphs, Trials and Turbulence: Indian cricket, 2003-2010, and co-authored another book on leadership with Myra White called The Superstar Syndrome: The Making of a Champion.

Sanjay Jha tests positive for coronavirus