Robert Downey Jr. Biography, Birthday, Age, Life, Career, Education, Family, Net Worth And Much More.

Robert Downey Jr. Biography

Robert Downey Jr. is a famous Hollywood actor. In this part of Biography Hindi, all the ups and downs from his birth to career have been depicted. This article has been prepared as follows. So that sufficient information can be made available to you at short notice. Thereby saving your valuable time. After this article you will not have to go to other published articles. Because the information present in it will be sufficient for you. And will definitely solve all your questions.

Robert Downey Jr. is a famous actor. Who is most liked for the character of “Iron Man” in Marvel. Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3, Avengers Endgame, Captain America are some of the most famous movies. Apart from this, he is also considered as the highest pad actor of Marble.

Robert saw many ups and downs in his career, he went to jail for a while. And became a victim of intoxication. Although this was one of the early days of his career. After that he gave up the addiction. And focused on his career.Robert Downey Jr. Biography, Birthday, Age, Life, Career, Education, Family, Net Worth And Much More.

Apart from films, Robert has also acted in television. Acted in television serials like “Saturday Nightlive”, “Mishulini The Untold Story”, “Family Guy” etc.

Apart from this, he has also acted in various types of music videos. His most famous music video is “I Want Love”. Which was published in English language. And remained quite famous and discussed.

Apart from this, he has seen many ups and downs in his career. After that he is counted as a famous actor today. Their ups and downs were presented further in detail in this article.

Robert Downey Jr. Early Life

Robert Downey Jr.’s early life was full of troubles. He left his studies in between. And became a victim of intoxication and drugs. Due to this, he was sued in the American court. And had to go to jail. He was then transferred to a drug rehab facility to kick his addiction.

Because his father was an actor, Robert spent his entire childhood among many famous artists. And he was first sent to work as a theater artist. Where he has performed many stage shows. He was then sent to perform in an “Off-Broadway” musical dance performance in 1983 to get a good grip on acting. After that he has given performances in many different theatres.

After getting a good hold in acting, in the year 1985, he was selected as an actor in the television show “Saturday Night Live”. And then Robert Downey Jr. never looked back, and kept moving up the success ladder.

Robert Downey Jr. Quick InfoRobert Downey Jr. Biography, Birthday, Age, Life, Career, Education, Family, Net Worth And Much More.

  • Name – Robert Downey Jr.
  • Nickname – Robert
  • Profession – Actor, Producer, Singer
  • Date of Birth – 4 April 1965
  • Birth Place – Manhattan New York America
  • Hometown – Greenwich Maw
  • Famous Role – Iron Man
  • Marital Status – Married
  • Nationality – American
  • Zodiac – Aries
  • Tattoo – Right arm 3 tattoos
  • Wife – Susan Downey
  • Hobby – traveling, watching movies,
  • Age – 57 years
  • Religion – christian
  • Caste – Irish
  • Mother – LCN
  • Father – Robert Downey Sr.
  • Sister – Alison

Physical Structure 

  • Height – !74( in cm.), 5’8.5” (in Ft.),
  • Weight – 78 kg


  • Chest – 43 Inch
  • Waist – 32 Inch
  • Biceps – 15 Inch
  • Eye and Hair Colr – Dark Brown

Robert Downey Jr.’s Love Affair

  1. First GF In 1981 – Jennifer Jason Leigh (Left in few Days)
  2. Second in 1984 – Sarah Jessica Parker (For 7 Years )
  3. Third in 1994 – Marisha Tomy (For 6 Years)
  4. Forth in 2000 – Calista Flockhart ( Everyone knows her because she is widely covered by the media)
  5. Fifth and the last in 2003 and after became his wife and enjoy life happily – Suzanne Downey

Robert Downey Jr’s Net Worth and Car Collection

He started his career as a child artist. And has been associated with the acting world for the last 47 years. Due to this, he has created a wealth of 300m million dollars. Which can be estimated at 2190 crores in Indian Rupees. Monthly go earn 2.5m million dollars. His main income sources are acting, brand endorsement, live performance, production house, and as a producer. He is very fond of luxury cars. And they have Audi r8, Ferrari, ford mustang, Chevrolet, etc many luxury works available.Robert Downey Jr. Biography, Birthday, Age, Life, Career, Education, Family, Net Worth And Much More.

Awarded to Robert Downey Jr.

More than 21 different awards have been presented to Robert Downey Jr. at different times. Out of which only 7 awards are given here.

  1. Robert was awarded the “Basta Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role” for the film Caplin in the year 1993.
  2. Awarded the “Golden Globe Award for Best Actor” in the year 2010 for the film Sherlock Holmes.
  3. In 2013, Robert was awarded the “MTV Movie & TV Award for Best Fight” for the Avengers film.
  4. The award of “People’s Choice of the Favorite Movie Actor” was distributed on different occasions in the years 2013, 2015, and 2019.
  5. Awarded the “Kids Choice for Favorite Super Hero” award in the year 2019 for the marble film “Infinity War”.
  6. For the film “The Avengers”, Robert was awarded the “People’s Choice Favorite Hero” award in the year 2013.
  7. In the year 2014, Robert was awarded the “Kids Choice for Favorite Mel Buttikaar” award for the film “Iron Man 3”.

Robert Downey Jr’s Favorite Things

At present, Robert Downey Jr. is the most popular actor in the world. And there is no dearth of his fans all over the world. His fans take care of the things Robert likes.

  1. Favorite Game – Glof
  2. Favorite Team – American Football Team
  3. Favorite Place – Washington DC
  4. Favorite Food – Sea Food
  5. Favorite Color – Red & Black
  6. Favorite Drink – Red Wine

Robert Downey Jr. Filmy Career

Robert Downey Jr. started his acting career at the age of 5 in 1970 AD. He has done more than 82 movies in Hollywood. Some of which became the most famous films. The details of those films will be found in the next chapter.

In 2008, Robert Downey Jr.’s film “Iron Man” was the most talked about. And managed to earn many times more than the savings put in. It was a superhero film. Which was very much liked by children to adults. After its success, Marble released the movies “Iron Man 2”, “And Iron Man 3”. And it also made huge money at the box office. And broke many box office records in the worldwide collection.

In the year 2012, the series of marble ones “Avenger” was launched. In which multiple superheroes were involved. Many characters such as “Captain America”, “Spider-Man”, “Black Widow”, “Ant-Man”, “Hulk”, “And Gourd” were included. And this film broke many records worldwide. The film got a good response from the critics and the public. And this gave Google plan 89% person likes.Robert Downey Jr. Biography, Birthday, Age, Life, Career, Education, Family, Net Worth And Much More.

The next lesson of this was launched in the year 2018. Which is known as “Avengers Infinity War”. In which a character like “Thunosh” shook the whole world. Google scheme gave it 91% percent. And in this film, the worldwide earned 1.6B billion. And set many records in his name. Included in the list of top 5 highest-grossing films in the world.

Marble launched the world’s highest-grossing movies in the year 2019. Which was named “Avengers Endgame”. It was an action comedy and superhero-filled film. In which things from the future to the past were seen. Let me tell you, this film broke all the records in the worldwide collection. And managed to earn 216.6 million dollars. Which comes at number three of the top 5 grossing films worldwide. Many records were set in this film. And also managed to win many awards.

Apart from this, Robert Downey Jr. has done many other famous films. But Marvel’s Iron Man series and Avengers brought them into the limelight. And made him a highly-paid actor. Apart from these films, Robert has appeared in “Sherlock Holmes”, “Captain America Civil War”, “Spider-Man Homecoming”, “Avengers Age of Ultron”, “Black Widow”, “Caplin”, “The Judge”, “And US Marshall”. , “Captain America”, “Captain Marvel”, “I am Iron Man” etc. have been the lead actors in famous films. Because of the films, he has made a special identity in Hollywood.

Robert Downey Jr. Unheard Facts

Currently among the highest paid actors between 2013 and 2015 as per Forbes report.

  • He started his career in 1970 with his father’s film “Pound”. Which was a comedy-based film. Robert Downey Jr. was included as a child artist.
  • Robert Downey Jr. had to go to jail several times in 2010. He had to face the court many times in the case of “Drugs”, “Ganja” and “Opium”.
  • Robert’s most famous films “The Iron Man Series” and “The Avengers Series” and because of all the movies of Marble, Robert Downey Jr. was given the title of Iron Man. And because of this many toys were also made near his superhero character. And comics were also created.
  • Robert Downey Jr. has been colorful since the beginning. And he has made more than 7 girlfriends in his career and has done 2 marriages. And they have 3 children.