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In response to his failure to uphold his promise, Randeep Hooda says he has apologised to Guru Granth Sahib. Read on to learn more!

The fundamental sacred religious text of Sikhism, Guru Granth Sahib, has received an apology from Randeep Hooda, whose streaming series “Cat” premieres on Friday. The actor’s inability to keep his commitment to refrain from cutting his hair before to the premiere of his ambitious movie “Battle of Saragarhi” is the cause of the same.

The movie is now shelved. Furthermore, the film “Kesari,” starring Akshay Kumar, was based on the 1897 last-stand struggle between Afghan tribesmen and the British Raj, which occurred prior to the Tirah Campaign.

Randeep Hooda expressed his appreciation for how the movie helped him have a deeper understanding of Sikhs and Sikhism.

Randeep Hooda remarked the same when discussing it. “I put in a lot of effort (for the film), I left smoking, and when things didn’t turn out the way we expected I felt hurt and bare. Even after bearing the losses, I waited for three years for the movie only because I had taken a pledge at the Guru Granth Sahib after visiting the memorial.”

However, the actor was forced to leave the project against his choice since it did not materialize. As I needed to go on with my life, I went to the Gurudwara to pray. All I could do there was apologize because I had to fulfill my karma, which was to continue working as an actress.

He went on to explain his regret to the Guru Granth Sahib, saying: “I apologized to the Guru Granth Sahib for not being able to keep my pledge to refrain from cutting my hair till the finish of the movie. Gurnam, on the other hand, wouldn’t have existed if I had been trapped. This notion of entitlement to repay those who hurt you, in the same manner, is a flawed idea and a destructive way to live.

He also discussed how, in 1984, on the instructions of then-Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, Indian military troops entered the Golden Temple in Amritsar for “Operation Blue Star,” which ultimately resulted in Gandhi’s murder by her own bodyguards Satwant and Beant Singh and sparked anti-Sikh rioting.

He said. The timing was absolutely awful. Whatever took place involving Harminder Sahib (the Golden Temple) was regrettable and shouldn’t have happened. The thought of what may have happened gives me goosebumps every time I visit the location.

The ‘Extraction’ star will portray a Sikh and a police mole who worked during the 1980s insurgency and returns to espionage to save his brother and infiltrate a narcotics network in Punjab 2006 in the OTT series ‘Cat,’ which will be available on Netflix on December 9.

“I’m thrilled that Punjabis will be able to watch me playing a sikh persona. In literature, a Sikh is described as a learner, and I identify as a learner in life, which is why I identify as a Sikh, he said.

In addition to Panchali Chakraverty and Suvinder Vicky, the Netflix original series also features Danish Sood, Pramod Pathal, Manish Gulati, Hasleen Kaur, Geeta Aggarwal, Daksh Ajit Singh, Sukhwinder Chahal, KP Singh, and Kavya Thapar. It was created by Movie Tunnel Productions in collaboration with Jelly Bean Entertainment and Panchali Chakraverty.