Rahul Vohra is a small-town boy coming from the land of mountains Uttarakhand is an actor, a Youtuber, and a social media influencer and a theater artist at an early age in Delhi. He has also been a part of the movie “Unfreedom” which was released on Netflix

Death News

YouTuber Rahul Vohra passed away at the age of 35 on Saturday. The actor on Saturday write a Facebook post stating about how a better treatment could have saved his life.

Rahul Vohra Posted Heartfelt Messages on Facebook Before Passing Away:

5 Days Ago:

Rahul Vohra facebook post


On Saturday:

Rahul Vohra facebook post

Rahul Vohra Youtuber Wiki

  • Name – Rahul Vohra
  • Digital Name – I Rahul Vohra
  • Age – 35 years(Died Few hours ago)
  • Place of Birth – Uttarkhand, India
  • Address – Malad, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Profession – Actor
  • Martial Status – Married
  • Spouse – Jyoti Tiwari
  • Nationality – Indian
  • Film. TV. YouTube. We series – Unfreedom, Pakistan Chale Joe, Talaak.
  • Place of Death – Delhi, India
  • Reason of Death – Due to Coronavirus


He has also been a part of the movie “Unfreedom” which was released on Netflix. He has been producing and creating videos on digital platforms for the past 4 yrs picking social and sensitive topics such as a topic based on a misunderstanding between the couple which leads to divorce and how both the families play a vital role to save the relationship ‘Talaak’ has highly viewed and appreciated by everyone.

He has enjoyed his youtube and social media career by delivering and creating content that the audience finds powerful and motivating. He has always closed his deals with mass views and tremendous appreciation on his channel. YouTube and social media being a competitive field need thorough dedication, conviction, and understanding.

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