Potato chips Curry की फोटो हुई वायरल, तो लोगों ने दिए अजीब रिएक्शन, बोले- ‘बनाने वाले को होगी 14 साल की सजा’

Potato chips curry’s photo went viral, so people gave strange reaction

Potato chips are very good but why would you want to waste it by adding it to the curry. Actually, a photo of Potato Chips Curry is going viral on the internet. After seeing which people are giving their strange reactions on social media. Photos of this strange dish of potato chips curry were posted on Facebook by a group named Kolkata Food Trotters.

It went viral when a Twitter user shared a screenshot of the Potato Chips Curry post with the caption, “At least for this confession of murder 14 years rigorous imprisonment.”

As you can see in this viral picture that this dish is prepared with potato chips, which have been used in place of meat or vegetables, which looks like tomato gravy. .

Minimum 14 years of rigorous imprisonment for this confession of Murder pic.twitter.com/wKVaceg1rl

— Gabbbar (@GabbbarSingh) June 7,

One user asked Dish, “Crimes against humanity,” another comment read, “Humanity is under attack.”

users One also said, “Awesome and interesting at the same time.”

Crime against humanity

— Natkhat Parindey (@parindeeyy) June 7,

What an experiment pic.twitter.com/ wTmwE3y9tw

— Aman Jain (@Undone625) ) June 7, 2021

Next someone will call their biscuits drowned in chai as ‘tea flavored cookie pudding ‘

— banani🇮🇳 (@banani) ) 1401870224001884161June 7, 2021

Saath mein kanta laga ke chabuk se 25 kode ki saza bhi…

— Gaurav Agarwal (@gauravagarwal ) June 7, 1470

Humanity is under attack

— Garvit (@beingarvitt) June 7, 2021

Horrible and interesting at the same time😂

— Saksham Arora (@SakshamAroraaa) June 7,

Feels like iam gonna experience apocalypse now ..

— Namrata Singh (@simhakarma) June 7, 1470

Potato chips Curry की फोटो हुई वायरल, तो लोगों ने दिए अजीब रिएक्शन, बोले- ‘बनाने वाले को होगी 14 साल की सजा’ pic.twitter.com/YHbQLrV9qL

— Satyanweshi Donnie Baba (@dubeanupam) June 7, 2021

Reminds me of Sev Tamatar from Indore

— Vikass (@Iamvikasr) June 7, 64




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