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Olivia Culpo Biography, Height, Age, Weight, Family & More

Olivia Culpo Biography

Olivia Culpo Biography!! She is an American Model, Actress, Influencer and Beauty Queen. Olivia winning the Miss Rhode Island USA competition, Olivia went on to win Miss USA 2012, and then Miss Universe 2012.

Private Invite Dinner With all 51 Miss USA Pageant Contestants at Tao Restaurant. Las Vegas, on May 28, 2012

Olivia Culpo Biography

Real Name Olivia Frances Culpo
Age 31 Years
Birth Place Cranston, Rhode Island, United States
Date of Birth May 8, 1992
Height 5 feet 5 inches (166 cm)
Weight 52 kg (115 lbs)
Profession American model, actress and Internet celebrity

Olivia Culpo Height

She stands at 166 centimeters, which is approximately equivalent to 5 feet 5 inches. This height provides Olivia with a balanced and versatile stature that suits her roles as a model and influencer.

Olivia Culpo Age

Olivia was born on May 8, 1992 in Cranston, Rhode Island, United States. Olivia parents Susan and Peter Culpo. Olivia is the middle child of 5 siblings. Olivia was raised in the Edgewood neighborhood of Cranston and is of Italian descent with some Irish ancestry from her mother’s side.

Olivia Culpo Career

She is a multifaceted journey that spans the realms of fashion, modeling, acting, and social influence. She was born on May 8, 1992, in Cranston, Rhode Island, Olivia rise to prominence began with her groundbreaking victory in the 2012 Miss Universe pageant, marking her as the 1st American to win in 15 years.

Olivia Culpo Personal Life

Olivia has been in a relationship with NFL player Christian McCaffrey since 2019. The Couple announced their engagement in April 2023.

Olivia Culpo and Getting Married to Christian McCaffrey

Amidst the buzz surrounding Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce at Super Bowl LVIII, it’s important not to overlook other adorable celebrity-athlete pairs. Olivia Culpo, engaged to San Francisco 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey, is contemplating both the Vince Lombardi Trophy and her upcoming post-season wedding.

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