cryptocurrency hackers
  cryptocurrency hackers

MyEtherWallet has been hacked on Google Public DNC. A Reddit user posted asking everyone to switch off their google public DNC {} as it has been compromised. The DNC server is settling to a bad server that could steal the user’s key. [MEW] has been hacked on Google Public DNC
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The hacker has phished around 215 ETH in the past two and a half hours from various wallets and transferred all the money to another account. The account has been closed as Google has resolved the DNS to the current IPS. [MEW] has been hacked on Google Public DNC
Image Source : Google Images is an open-source client-side interface. MEW allows users to interact with the blockchain directly without losing control over their keys and funds.Michael, a Reddit User says:

“MEW suddenly switched from the CloudFront CDN to one Russian IP address. I’d be careful until more information is revealed.”

The official website, on entry, states:

myetherwallet hacked
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Polezo, another Reddit user says:

“This type of attack is not unique to crypto. DNS hijacking has happened to banks as well. Even local versions of Google, Paypal and Microsoft have been hijacked before.”

Worric CS says:

“Holy shit it’s really happening. Already looked very suspicious when I just opened mew in chrome on android, big warning message which states the certificate is invalid and the connection insecure.”

Pegcity says:

“THIS is why crypto is still bullshit for adoption. How can the average person possibly be expected to use any of this garbage, we are still a long, long way off.”

Another Reddit user says:

“I believe the worst that can happen is they misdirect your payment to their own address, which would appear on your device for confirmation”