Influencers have emerged as major characters in the ever-changing world of social media, and one name that stands out is Mrunal Panchal. She has won many hearts with her engaging demeanour and strong internet presence.


Name Mrunal Panchal
Name Meaning A boy with high power
Nickname Mrunu
Age 22 years (as of 2021)
Date of birth November 11, 1999
Place of birth Gujarat, India
Zodiac sign Sagittarius
Gender Female
Profession TikTok celebrity, Influencer
Height 5’4″
Nationality Indian
Religion Hinduism
Ethnicity South Asian



Mrunal is a career-oriented young lady who is one of the most educated TikTok celebs. She finished her 12th grade in the Science stream.

High school St. Francis High School
Graduation Hari Bhai V. Desai College of Commerce, Arts, and Science, Pune, Maharashtra
Highest Qualification Pursuing graduation



Mrunal adores her family and cherishes her time with them. She was born into a Gujarati household, which explains her love of Gujarati food. She frequently shares photos of her family on social media. She has made them proud and fulfilled her ambition by giving them with a life of luxury and comfort.


Mrunal Panchal, like many other TikTok celebs, is frequently seen sharing video screens with a large group of people. As a result, her pals have been mistaken for her lover.Her lover is Anirudh Sharma. They share romantic photos on Instagram.

The duo has a wonderful chemistry that has captured the hearts of millions of social media followers. They have an Instagram page for their dog, @iiam_princy, which they jointly maintain. She does, however, like to keep certain aspects of her dating life private.


Mrunal Panchal got to prominence and success as a result of her popular TikTok videos. On the world-famous video platform TikTok, she creates dance, cosmetics, lip-sync, comedy, and acting videos.

Mrunal never saw himself as an Influencer, let alone modelling for well-known companies such as Skechers Performance for promotional purposes. She enjoyed making makeup videos and comedic stuff. This launched her influencer career, and she was named the top muser. She has 563K followers on her YouTube channel, where she posts updates, comedy vines, beauty hacks, and cosmetics tutorials. She has earned the verified content creator badge on a number of social media networks, including Instagram.

For marketing, she has collaborated with a number of brands and cosmetic firms. As a result, she is expected to have a career in the fashion sector. Her stunning appearance, smile, and sense of style have inspired her to continue blogging about fashion. She is also attending university in Mumbai.

FAQs about Mrunal Panchal:

How did Mrunal Panchal start her influencer journey?

Mrunal kickstarted her influencer journey by sharing fashion and lifestyle content on Instagram and TikTok. Her unique style and relatable content quickly gained her a loyal following.

Is Mrunal Panchal only active on Instagram?

No, Mrunal is a versatile influencer who is active across various social media platforms, including YouTube. Her content spans fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and more.

Has Mrunal Panchal won any awards for her influence?

While there might not be specific awards, Mrunal’s influence is evident through her massive following and the impact she has on her audience.

How does Mrunal Panchal handle negativity online?

Mrunal advocates for self-love and mental health, which helps her navigate online negativity. She focuses on positivity and encourages her followers to do the same.

What makes Mrunal Panchal a role model for the youth?

Mrunal’s authenticity, confidence, and willingness to address important issues make her a role model for young individuals aspiring to embrace their true selves.

Can I find travel-related content on Mrunal’s platforms?

Yes, Mrunal shares travel-related content on her platforms, giving her followers a glimpse into her adventures and experiences.