sisodia presenting delhi budget 2018


sisodia presenting delhi budget 2018

On Thursday 22nd March, the Delhi government put forward its annual budget in the Delhi assembly. This year budget estimated cost amount to 53,000 crore rupees. The budget focuses on the upliftment of various sectors in Delhi. As per the budget, the major concerns in the capital city where the government decided to pay attention include environment, education, and health.

Dealing with the deteriorating environment of the city

delhi budget 2018-19
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Unfortunate but true the capital city is facing a lot of environment-related issues these days. The environment expert says that the air of Delhi and its surrounding area has become very hazardous to inhale. So much so that inhaling one day in the city is equivalent to smoking up to 50 cigarettes. Now it a serious issue that needs a substantial step from the government incorporation with the city inhabitants to check it. For efficiently culminating the emission of toxic material in the air the Delhi government introduced a green budget in its budget.

The main feature of the Green budget includes the launching of a thousand of electric buses and providing 50 percent concession on the purchase of CNG cars. Besides these two, the government will also install a solar panel on cycling track of 16 km long. Furthermore, the government to aware the public about the cons of air pollution by establishing display board showcasing such messages. Also, those industries switching over clean fuel will get benefits in the form of concession. No wonder the Delhi government has always been serious about the environmental issues. The previous step taken by it in corresponding to environmental matters was proof to it.

Building a roadmap for revamping health and education sector

Moving on to the next significant sector worked out in this budget was education. Here the government will spend generously almost 14 thousand crores. Among various things covered in the budget like cc tv installment and promoting sports among the government students, training self-defense to girls in school is one major highlight of the budget. No doubt, the city has a bad image because of women-related crimes. It is essential to strengthen women with sufficient defense skills to bring down the graph of women-related crimes which this budget aims to do. Moreover, this year’s budget was in line with all the previous budget of AAP government. Like them, the education sector bags the highest expenditure in this year budget.

Another big announcement the Delhi’s government made is about expanding a significant amount of 100 crores over installing Wi-Fi towers. For the previous promises made to provide free high-speed internet connectivity, the government is heading toward this idea. They will fit Wi-Fi towers across the major areas.

The last but not the least, health sector also got enough fund in this year budget. The famous Mohalla clinics brought by the AAP got 403 crores for establishing it in many other locations. As a first responder during the emergency, the government is bringing up bike ambulance for serving the public. As a result, the congested Delhi traffic will not cause its hindrance in reaching the ambulance service to the needy people. This year a total of 16 bikes will get launched for this purpose from the east Delhi.

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