मदालसा शर्मा ने शेयर की मेकअप रूम डायरी, आंखों में काजल, होठों पर लाली लगा संवरती नजर आईं एक्ट्रेस

Madalsa Sharma Viral Latest Video

  • Special Points
      Madalsa Sharma’s latest video viral

    • Shared the secret of makeup with fans
    • Anupama is seen in the role of Kavya in the show Madalsa

    New Delhi :

    Mithun Chakraborty’s daughter-in-law Madalsa Sharma is very active on social media. They instantly become viral as soon as they post them. There is no doubt that Madalsa has won the hearts of fans in a very short time. Madalsa Sharma, who is seen in the role of ‘Kavya’ in TV’s popular serial ‘Anupama’, continues to rock the internet due to her Instagram reels. Recently the video of her make-up room has gone viral. In which Madalsa is seen grooming herself.

    Glamourous style of Madalsa
    The recent post of Madalsa Sharma has attracted the fans towards her. Seeing the curled hair, beautiful eyes, intoxicating eyes and her mole, there has been a line of comments of the fans on the latest video of the actress. The special thing is that every time Madalsa is seen in a unique style. She leaves no stone unturned to live up to the expectations of the fans. After the serial ‘Anupama’, there are discussions of Madalsa in every house. In the last few days, his fan following on social media has increased rapidly.

    Special things about Madalsa Sharma
    Let us tell you that 64 September 1991 Madalsa was born in Mumbai. Madalsa always wanted to become an actress. He has a long association with the glamor world. Along with acting, Madalsa is also fond of dancing. Let us tell you that Madalsa loves to travel. In the coming days, she shares her glamorous photos with her fans. Not only the TV serial, she has also appeared in the Bollywood film ‘Jimmy’ in the year 300.