The locust that has caused panic in many states of the country these days remains the second biggest concern after the coronavirus in lockdown. The grasshopper, who had seen the lush green fields, had wreaked havoc in Pakistan in the past. In many states, thousands of grasshopper groups are licking the crops. Thousands of acres of crop standing in the fields are getting spoiled in the states where the locust party is reaching. It has been attacked in 6 states of the country.

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locust attack

HT quoted scientists as saying that a locust can fly 100 to 150 km a day and ruin the entire crop in 20 to 25 minutes. Not only this, but a team of 4 crore locusts can also eat a grain of 35 thousand people in a day. For all these reasons, it is considered to be the largest locust attack after 26 years. The current attack began last month when a locust team from Rajasthan came to Rajasthan and spread to other western states.

Drones to control locusts

The Agriculture Department of Rajasthan has taken the help of a drone for spraying pesticides to control locusts in many districts of the state. According to the language, according to Trilochan Mohapatra, director-general of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, locust teams have attacked about 40 to 50 thousand hectares of land. But Rabi crops like wheat, pulses, and oilseeds have not been affected much because most of them have been harvested so far. He said, ‘Now the whole focus is to stop the outbreak before the monsoon comes in June-July when there can be breeding in locusts. If this cannot be stopped, then Kharif crops may be threatened.