You need to know that high cholesterol tends to increase your risk of heart diseases besides heart attacks. But medications can help you improve your cholesterol levels and keep reminders using the medicine management app. Besides taking medications, you need to try some lifestyle changes hack. 


Eat healthy meals that make your heart strong

A few diet changes can help you reduce your cholesterol levels in no time. First, you need to reduce saturated fats, including meat and whole dairy products, which tend to shoot your cholesterol levels. When you decrease your consumption levels, you can also decrease low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, often known as lousy cholesterol. You also need to remove trans-fat Your diet is at times listed on the labels such as “partially

hydrogenated vegetable oil.”

healthy meal

It is mainly used in margarine and store-bought cakes and cookies. On the flip side, you need to eat some foods that are rich in omega-three fatty acids. It is mainly because omega-three fatty acids don’t enhance or affect LDL cholesterol.

But they indeed tend to have heart-healthy perks like reducing blood pressure. Foods featuring omega three fatty acids include mackerel, herring, salmon flaxseeds, etc. Finally, you need to have soluble fibre that can indeed mitigate the process of cholesterol absorption into the bloodstream. Soluble fibre, no doubt, is unique to reduce absorption, and you can find the same foods, including Brussels sprouts, oatmeal, kidney beans. 


Exercising Daily


Exercising Daily

You need to exercise almost every day of your life. Additionally, moderate exercises can help you increase high-density cholesterol, which is good cholesterol. You need to work out at least about 30 minutes a day with your doctor’s advice. You can work out five times a week for 30 minutes or thrice a week for 20 minutes. Adding in a physical activity regime even for a short duration can help you lose some weight. For example, you need to consider doing a brisk walk during the lunch hour or ride your cycle to work. 


Smoking is Injurious to Health


It would be best to quit smoking besides using a medicine management app, just in 20 minutes of quitting smoking, your heart rate and blood pressure from the crate spike. Additionally, in three months of leaving, your blood circulation can enhance in no time. 

Smoking is injurious to health

When you carry some extra pounds, contribute to high cholesterol levels and even small changes tend to add up. For example, if you drink sugary drinks, you need to switch drinking to regular water. If you crave something sweet, you should try jellies that come with little or no sugar. You need to walk during breaks at the office or use the stairs instead of the lift. Hence losing weight is vital no matter what. 


At times, healthy lifestyle changes don’t tend to be enough, so if your medical professional recommends medication to help you lower your cholesterol levels. Above all, lifestyle changes tend to help you keep your medication dosages low. It would be best if you also considered drinking in moderation. 


Reminders Through Medicine Management App


Know Your Meds | Medication Management - Medicine Reminder App

Taking medicines at the right time is the key to make sure that your cholesterol levels are important. With a lifestyle we are living in, we have kept our health as the least focus. Hence, it is the right time and a wise decision to make use of Apps such as Know Your Meds, which help in being regular with our medicines and activities, which lead us to follow a path of healthy living.