nirbhaya case suspects
nirbhaya case suspects

Nirbhaya convicts For the fourth time, a death warrant has been issued by the trial court to hang the four convicts in the famous Nirbhaya case. He will now be hanged at 5:30 am on 20 March. Experts believe that even if the convicts go to the Supreme Court on some basis, then this time the hanging will not stop.

The date of March 20 has now been fixed for hanging the culprits of New Delhi Nirbhaya. Now no convict has any legal remedies left. So this time the hanging date will not change. Although the writ can be filed by the convicts at any time in the Supreme Court, even if it is heard and if the application is rejected, the date of execution will not be affected.

The four convicts have no lifeline now.
Legal experts say that the review petition, curative petition and then mercy petition of the four accused Akshay, Pawan, Mukesh and Vinay have been dismissed in the Nirbhaya case. The death sentence was received from the lower court, which was confirmed by the High Court and the plea of ​​the convicts from the Supreme Court has been rejected. After this the legal treatment of the culprits is over.

Therefore, this time the date of hanging will not change
. Retiring Justice SN Dhingra of Delhi High Court says that the Supreme Court has given the order in Shatrughan Chauhan Judgment that the mercy petition can be executed only after 14 days of dismissal. For this reason, the date of 20 March has been set.

However, the guilty can file a writ at any time in the Supreme Court citing the right to life. Defense lawyers can make all the grounds for this, but if the writ is rejected, there is no provision for fixing the date of execution 14 days later. That is, even if the convicts file the writ on 18 March and the Supreme Court dismisses it after hearing on 19 March, the date of hanging of 20 March cannot be changed. Shatrughan Chauhan Judgment said that the mercy petition could be executed 14 days after it was dismissed and in the present case the mercy petition was dismissed on March 4. In such a situation, the date of hanging cannot be changed now.

Yakub Memon’s case was not postponed
Senior Advocate ML Lahouti of the Supreme Court said that the case of the convict Yakub Memon of the Mumbai Blast case is before us. The death warrant was issued to Yakub Memon. This death warrant was issued after the mercy petition was dismissed. Meanwhile, the writ was filed on his behalf in the Supreme Court. The then Justice Deepak Mishra had heard the night and the application was rejected around 4 am and Yakub was hanged around 6 am. Even in the present case, if a writ is filed, it can be hanged on the due date after dismissing it.