Lambda Variant

Lambda Variant: कोरोनावायरस के तेजी से फैलने वाले इस नए वेरिएंट ने बढ़ाई चिंता, यूके में 81 प्रतिशत मामले इसी स्ट्रेन के

Lambda Variant: In UK 81 percent of cases are of Lambda variant

The lambda variant of the coronavirus is emerging as one of the major cases of transmission of infection. According to the Malaysian Ministry of Health, it has spread to 30 countries including Britain. Lambda variants were first identified in Peru, South America. It was designated as ‘a variant of the variant’ by the World Health Organization in June. So far 6 cases of lambda have been identified in the UK, and all had returned from overseas travel. The first case of this variant was reported in Peru.

Tracking Coronavirus Variants | Tracking Coronavirus Variants

According to WHO, the Sars-CoV-2 virus that causes the coronavirus disease (Covid-21) Yes, its form has changed over time. The global health body said some of these changes affect the properties of the virus, such as how easily it spreads, the severity of the associated disease, or the potential for vaccines and therapeutic drugs.

WHO has created a network of health experts around the world to monitor and assess the evolution of Sars-CoV-2. It identifies critical amino acid replacements and informs countries of changes that may be necessary to prevent its spread.

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This strain was first identified in Peru in December last year. Lambda is the predominant type of covid-19 in South American country, in which Percentage of cases belonged to this variant. Lambda variants are usually associated with high transmission efficiency and resistance to antibodies, but health experts have said that more data is needed to firmly establish this fact.

Even in the case of vaccines, a preliminary study in Peru claims that lambda variants can easily avoid antibodies made from the CoronaVac vaccine developed by China. However, the study has yet to be reviewed.