Khatija Rehman

Khatija Rahman, better known as Khatija, is an Indian director, singer, and musician. Born on July 28, 1996, in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Khatija Rahman has previously worked in the Bollywood entertainment industry, with her artwork appearing in Hindi language films.



Full Name                                            :Khatija Rahman

Other Names                                        :Khatija

Date Of Birth                                        :     July 28 1996

Gender                                                 :    Female

Birth place                                            :     Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Height                                                  :      1.68 (5’6)

Age                                                      :      25 years

Nationality                                             :    Indian

Education                                              :      Graduate

Religion                                                 :        Muslim

Hobbies                                                  :       Travelling , Singing


Father :A. R. Rahman

Mother   :Saira Banu

Siblings :Rahima Rahman, A. R. Ameen

Boyfriend, Husband, Marital Status       

Marital Status   :Engaged

Husband          :Riyasdeen Shaik Mohamed

Boyfriend         :Engaged To Riyasdeen Shaik Mohamed


Rahman’s daughter was trolled in 2019 because she wore a hijab. She explained in a social media post that her decision to wear a niqab was her own and not imposed on her, and she urged people not to judge her.