Khan Sir Biography, Age, Life, Career, Education, Family, Profession, And More

Khan Sir is now one of the most sought-after teachers in India who are loved by the students. Khan Sir is a resident of Patna and gives online classes on a YouTube channel. Khan Sir has become a favorite teacher of the students. Because his style of teaching is a bit different. And the style is very much liked by the students. Because of his style, he has become a deserving and desired online YouTube teacher all over India.

Biography of Khan Sir

  • Name (Full Name) – Khan Sir
  • Nick Name – Khan Sir Patna, Amit Singh
  • Famous For – Unique style of teaching
  • Date of Birth – Year 1992
  • Age – 30 years (in 2022)
  • Birth Place – Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Education – Bachelor of Science in Education, MA in Geography
  • College – Allahabad University, UP
  • Hometown – Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Nationality – Indian
  • Religion – Islam
  • Length (Height) – 5 feet 5 inches
  • Eye Color – Black
  • Hair Color – Black
  • Profession – Teacher and social worker
  • Marital Status – EngagedKhan Sir Biography, Age, Life, Career, Education, Family, Profession, And More

Birth and early life of Khan Sir

Khan Sir hails from Patna, Bihar and was born in December 1993 in Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh. His full name is Faizal Khan. In his family his father is a retired naval officer and mother is a housewife and his brother’s name is Faiz and he is an army officer.

Khan sir is a youtuber, his channel on youtube is named as Khan GS Research Centre. Khan sir is known for his different and unique style of teaching. His style of teaching is very unique.

Khan sir’s dream was to join the army. Even though he had already taken the NDA exam and had done well on the written examination, his hand shape prevented him from being chosen. After that he started teaching in a coaching institute. And it was teaching that made him famous. In today’s time, he is known as Khan Sir.

Khan Sir Education

Khan Sir completed his schooling in Gorakhpur, UP, then for college, he joined Allahabad University, UP, where he did his Bachelor of Science, followed by his Master’s degree.

After that he came to Patna, where after some time he started coaching students in an institute. The students liked his way of teaching, very soon they started their own institute named Khan GS Research Centre.

How did you get the name Khan Sir? (How he became Khan Sir)

Initially, he started teaching in a coaching institute where he had only six students. Later, the number of students increased to 40-50. Then more than 150 students started being taught by Khan Sir.

In an interview he told that he had become so popular among his students that the owner of the coaching institute feared that if he left the institute, the students might also leave. And the master asked him to remain in disguise and reveal his full and real name. Soon, he earned the name ‘Khan Sir’. According to him, he is also known as Amit Singh among his students.

Khan Sir Biography, Age, Life, Career, Education, Family, Profession, And More

Khan Sir’s Youtube Channel

In 2019, he started a YouTube channel, Khan GS Research Centre. Where he started uploading videos on various issues, especially current affairs. Soon, the channel became very popular for its unique teaching style, and the channel had 9.26 lakh subscribers, growing to more than 2 crore 28 lakhs in the year 2022.

Khan Sir Mobile Application

Along with Youtube, Khan sir also takes classes on the application, in this also more than 10 lakh people study from him. Here too, they charge very less fees from the children. You can also read from him by connecting to his application (Khan Sir Official App).

Many of his students have also become big officers, their videos keep going viral on YouTube. Many celebrities of India keep sharing their videos on Twitter many times. Many people have even said about him that, if I had got a teacher like Khan Sir, I would have been an IAS today. Moreover, YouTube India had given his channel Khan GS Research Center the 8th rank of the year 2020.

Khan Sir Real Name Controversy

  1. Khan sir appeared in the news in May 2021 for talking about the Muslim religion. In protest, the Muslim community launched the hashtag #reportonkhansir on Twitter. Later it was questioned that his name was Amit Singh and not Khan Sir.
  2. After this, Khan sir did not reveal his name even while meeting the media and said that when the right opportunity comes everyone will know the name and with this, he said that getting some answers regarding the name is not a joke.
  3. During the dispute, Khan Sir said that Khan Sir is not his name but his name. He said that some people call him Amit Singh but this is not his name. He also did not clarify whether Faizal Khan is his real name or not. He wanted to talk about the controversy but could not make the video due to his friend’s ill health.
  4. He also said that when the dispute is over, he will put his name in front of everyone. Talking about his religion, he said that he respects all religions and he celebrates festivals of every religion, be it Eid or Raksha Bandhan.
  5. So, this controversy is over and Khan sir has cleared all the fake news about his controversy in this video.

Khan Sir Salary, Net Worth

If we talk about Khan Sir’s income, then Khan Sir started his career through offline coaching, live classes, and YouTube channels. And all these are their means of income. Khan sir’s net worth is currently around $2.2 million. And one month’s income is 10 to 15 lakh rupees.

Khan Sir Biography, Age, Life, Career, Education, Family, Profession, And More

Interesting facts about Khan sir

  1. Even in times of extreme rage and constant desire to be with friends, he never compromised his academic performance.
  2. He was arrested by the police 3 times during his college because of the student union.
  3. He runs an orphanage (Anant Ashram) for children. He teaches students for free who have no one.
  4. He enjoys taking on challenges, and this year he responded with a 632-page book that costs Rs. 149. He was once told that you couldn’t produce a cheap book without Chinese paper and equipment.
  5. Shefali Vaidya, a writer, speaker, and humorist, shared one of his videos, and Anupam Kher retweeted it.


Who is Khan Sir?

Khan Sir hails from Patna, Bihar. His full name is Faizal Khan and he gives online coaching to students through a YouTube channel.

From which university did Khan Sir complete his higher education?

Khan Sir has completed his higher education at Allahabad University.

Where is Khan sir’s house?

Khan Sir was born in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. But he lives in Patna city of Bihar.

What is the earning of Khan Sir?

Khan sir’s net worth is currently around $2.2 million.

When was Khan Sir born?

December 1993

Where was Khan sir born?

Khan Sir was born in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh.