Yash is an Indian actor and the star of one of Kannada cinema’s most successful films, KGF. Born as Naveen Kumar Gowda on 8 January 1986 in Bhuvanahalli village, Hassan district of Karnataka, India, Yash was raised by his father Arun Kumar who worked as a bus conductor and mother Mamatha Rao. Since childhood he was passionate about acting and used to participate in many plays during school days.

Early Life

Yash was born as Naveen Kumar Gowda on 8 January 1986 in Bhuvanahalli village, Hassan district of Karnataka, India. He is the only son to his parents Arun Kumar and Mamatha Rao. His father worked as a bus conductor while his mother was a homemaker. Since childhood Yash had an inclination towards acting and he used to participate in school plays during his school days at Mahajana High School Mysore Road.

After completing high school, Yash pursued Bachelor’s degree in Arts from SRN Adarsh College Chitradurga. During college days he actively participated in theatre activities besides studying for academics and even got selected by the National Institute of Rocketry (NIR) amongst 300 candidates across state but chose not to pursue it due to financial difficulties faced by his family at that time. After graduating from college he started working as a television actor with Udaya TV before making debut into films with “Jambada Hudugi” released in 2007 which made him popular among audience due to its success at box office.

Entry into Films


Yash’s entry into films came with the Kannada movie Jambada Hudugi in 2007, which proved to be a massive success at the box office and made him popular among audiences. It established Yash as an actor and paved way for his future roles in various movies. After this initial success, he continued to take on challenging roles in many successful movies like Moggina Manasu, Modalasala and Drama. However, it was not until 2014 that Yash achieved his breakthrough role when he starred as Rocky Bhai in KGF: Chapter 1, one of Kannada cinema’s biggest successes ever. His portrayal of the protagonist earned him immense fame and love from both critics and audience alike. Since then he has been receiving offers from all over India due to his growing popularity. He went on to star in other successful films such as Raja Huli, Kirataka.

Career Achievements

Yash has achieved immense success in his career as an actor and is one of the most popular actors in Kannada cinema. His highest-grossing movies include KGF: Chapter 1,and Raana. All these films have earned him both critical acclaim and commercial success.

In addition to this, Yash has been recognised for his acting prowess with numerous awards and nominations over the years. He won the Filmfare Award for Best Actor for Moggina Manasu in 2008, Udaya Film Award for Best Supporting Actor for Drama in 2012, Zee Kutumba Awards’ Best Entertainer of The Year 2018 and many more. He also received a special honour from Karnataka government on Karnataka Rajyotsava Day 2019 as appreciation of his contribution towards Kannada film industry.

Personal Life

Yash married his long-time girlfriend and co-star Radhika Pandit. The couple first met on the sets of their film Moggina Manasu and have been together ever since, having acted in several movies including Krishna Leela , Masterpiece and Raja Huli. The wedding was a grand affair attended by family, friends and many prominent names from the Kannada film industry. In 2018, the couple welcomed their first child – a daughter named Ayra Yash who quickly became an internet sensation with her adorable pictures posted by Yash’s fans across social media platforms. Following that they had another daughter named Aishwarya born in

In addition to being a successful actor, Yash is also known for his philanthropic activities which include supporting various charitable causes like Save Indian Family Foundation, Shree Gurudev Charitable Trust and Swabhimaan India Foundation among others. He has even donated money for the renovation of schools in rural areas as well as providing financial help to people affected by natural calamities like floods or earthquakes.

Mentorship of Upcoming Actors

Yash has made immense contribution to the Kannada film industry, popularly known as Sandalwood. He is well-known for mentoring upcoming actors and taking up challenging projects with them. Yash’s involvement in grooming new talent began when he joined the cast of Kirataka Which was directed by Pradeep Raj and starred newcomers like Sanchari Vijay, Sharmila Mandre and Srinagara Kitty along with him. Since then, he has acted in several movies featuring fresh faces from the industry including Masterpiece Vajrakaya and KGF: Chapter 2. Yash also takes part in workshops conducted by various organizations to provide guidance to young struggling actors who try their luck at making it big in Sandalwood. In 2018, he attended a workshop organized by KFCC for upcoming actors where he shared his experience about how one should approach their acting career. He even offered suggestions on how one can best prepare themselves such as watching classic films regularly or reading books related to cinema so that they can understand the finer nuances of filmmaking better.

In addition to this, Yash also encourages budding talents through social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram where he often interacts with fans online and offers advice on various topics related to cinema such as screenwriting, dialogues delivery etc. His presence on these platforms not only helps emerging talents but also brings more attention towards Sandalwood among people across India who are keen followers of his work


Yash’s presence on social media has been a great boost to the Kannada film industry. His active engagement with fans across various platforms like Twitter and Instagram helps in raising awareness about Sandalwood among people from all over India who are keen followers of his work. Moreover, his interactions with budding talents also provide guidance to them regarding their acting career, allowing them to benefit from Yash’s experience and knowledge in this field. This not only encourages aspiring actors but also helps bring more attention towards the Kannada cinema as a whole. Therefore, it can be said that Yash is making an immense contribution towards increasing the popularity of Kannada films by using social media platforms for both entertainment and education purposes.

Overall, Yash is one of the most successful actors in Sandalwood today due to his hard work and dedication coupled with support from family, friends and fans alike. He has achieved immense success both critically and commercially through various projects he has taken part in over the years which have earned him numerous awards nominations along with recognition from Karnataka government on Karnataka Rajyotsava Day 2019 appreciation of his contribution towards Kannada film industry. In addition to acting prowess he is also known for supporting charitable causes as well mentoring upcoming talents through workshops or interacting with fans online so that they can get better insight into filmmaking process thus helping promote Indian cinema globally.