Kapil Sibal Biography, Age, Life, Career, Education, Profession, Net Worth, And Much More

Biography of Kapil Sibal

As a politician and professional lawyer, Kapil Sibal is a well-known face of Indian politics today. In the year 2009, when the Congress won the Lok Sabha elections, Kapil Sibal had also held the post of Minister of Justice, Communications and IT in the Central Government at that time. Kapil is generally known as a senior Congress leader. Today we are going to share many important information related to Kapil Sibal with you through this article.

Kapil Sibal Quick InfoKapil Sibal Biography, Age, Life, Career, Education, Profession, Net Worth, And Much More

  • Name- Kapil Sibal
  • Born- 8 August 1948
  • Birth Place- Jalandhar, Punjab
  • Mother- Kailash Rani Sibbal
  • Father- Hiralal Sibbal
  • Marriage- Nina Sibal and Promila
  • Children- Amit and Akhil
  • Qualification- IAS and LLM
  • Nationality- Indian
  • Profession- Political and lawyer
  • Party- Samajwadi
  • Religion- Hindu

Kapil Sibal was born on August 8, 1948 in Jalandhar district, Punjab. Kapil’s father’s name is Hiralal Sibbal and mother’s name is Kailash Rani Sibbal. Kapil Sibal’s early education was completed from St. John’s High School in Chandigarh itself.

After completing his schooling, he graduated in LLB from St. Stephen’s College affiliated to the University of Delhi. And then after that he completed his graduation from History subject as well.

Considering that Kapil was born in a senior lawyer’s home. His father was a famous lawyer. From this point of view, his studies and writing were also like that of a lawyer. He was raised in Jalandhar, located in Punjab, North West India.

Kapil Sibal’s Education

  1. Sibal left for Delhi in the mid-1960s to continue his studies. And in the early 1970s, he obtained a law degree with history from Delhi University.
  2. In the year 1972, Kapil joined the Bar Association. Then the next year in 1973, Kapil got success in the IAS exam. After which he was joined as an officer.
  3. But he refused to take up the job and continued his legal efforts. And after rejecting a job in the civil service, Kapil set up his own legal practice. After this Sibal went on to have a very successful legal career.
  4. The ruling Congress and its allies did not participate in the vote. In 1995–1996; 1997–1998; and 2001–2002, respectively, Kapil Sibal served as president of the Supreme Court Bar Association for three consecutive terms.

Sibal’s marriage and childrenKapil Sibal Biography, Age, Life, Career, Education, Profession, Net Worth, And Much More

  • Kapil was married twice. Kapil’s first marriage took place in the year 1973 with Nina Sibal on 13 April. Kapil and Nina Sibal had two children from this marriage. Amit and Akhil.
  • After this, Nina Sibal died due to cancer in the year 2000, after that in the year 2005, Kapil Sibal married Promila, a social worker.

Political career of Kapil Sibal

  1. During the Justice V Ramaswamy case, Kapil came to the notice of the then Prime Minister P Narasimha Rao. Narasimha Rao was greatly impressed by Sibal’s manner of speaking and the amazing art of arguing in the court. After this, it was Narasimha Rao who offered Congress ticket to Kapil Sibal in the 1996 Lok Sabha elections.
  2. After this Sibal contested on Congress ticket. However, at that time BJP candidate Sushma Swaraj defeated him in the election and broke his dream of becoming a Member of Parliament.
  3. After which Congress’s ally Lalu Prasad Yadav sent Sibal to the Bihar Rajya Sabha. But Kapil’s dream was to win the election and become a Member of Parliament.
  4. After this, he again contested the 2004 Lok Sabha elections on the Congress seat and this time Sibal won the Chandni Chowk Lok Sabha seat against BJP’s TV actress Smriti Irani.
  5. And with this he had now become an MP. And he got the portfolio of Science Technology and Geology in the Union Cabinet. And he was included in the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s cabinet.
  6. For his excellent parliamentary work, he was re-elected as an MP in 2009. This time also he had won from Chandni Chowk itself. This time also he won as a Congress candidate.
  7. This time, Kapil was given the responsibility of Minister of Human Resource Development, Information and Technology as well as Minister of Law and Justice in Manmohan Singh’s government.

leaving congressKapil Sibal Biography, Age, Life, Career, Education, Profession, Net Worth, And Much More

Veteran Congress leader and Supreme Court lawyer Kapil Sibal has joined the Samajwadi Party leaving the party in which he served for years. Sibal has also got Rajya Sabha ticket from Samajwadi Party. In future, non-BJP parties can also make him their presidential candidate.

Sibal’s dream

  • In 2009, he was made a minister in the Union Cabinet, during which he announced to give tablets to all the students in all the primary schools of India for Rs 2300 and Rs 2900 only.
  • After this, Kapil had announced the development of a touch screen tablet manufactured with his personal participation. The Chief Ministers of about 5 states also fully supported the OLPC.
  • Sibal sees Aakash, a low-cost tablet PC, as his dream. Which unfortunately could not be completed.

Kapil Sibal scams and controversies related to them

Senior leader Kapil’s name was once associated with the 2G scam. So sometimes Kapil’s name was raised with Vodafone’s tax handle scam, sometimes with Internet censorship, sometimes with homosexuality, and sometimes with Kapil’s statement on Swami Agnivesh. Once Kapil’s name was also seen in association with a journalist named Tarun.

Not only this, at one time Kapil was also defamed by giving a statement on the inflation of vegetables, in fact, in his statement, Sibal had said that “inflation has increased because of eating two vegetables.” So sometimes Kapil Sibal remained the subject of discussion even during the movement of Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare.

kapil’s poetry collection

We kept telling you that along with politics, Kapil Sibal was also interested in poetry. “I Witness: Partial Observations” as an anthology of Kapil Sibal’s poems, published by Roli Books New Delhi.Kapil Sibal Biography, Age, Life, Career, Education, Profession, Net Worth, And Much More

Important articles written by him on issues related to security terrorism nuclear proliferation chuj3 be published in many national dailies.

Kapil Sibal’s controversy related to Ram Mandir

  1. Kapil Sibal’s life is full of controversies. He is counted among the most expensive lawyers in India. He has fought many important and famous cases. One of these is the case of Ram Mandir. In this case, Sibal Sahab was the lawyer on behalf of the Sunni Waqf Board.
  2. During the hearing of this matter, Kapil Sibal created a controversy in the middle by saying, “There should be no hearing on this matter till the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.
  3. There was a huge controversy regarding this statement of Kapil Sibal. The Sunni Waqf Board itself (for whose side Kapil Sibal was the lawyer) had also distanced himself from Kapil’s statement.

Kapil’s fees

According to media reports, Sibal’s fee for a day’s lobbying is between 8 to 15 lakhs. However, if there is a matter related to his political party Congress, then he does not take anything for it.

Sibal’s net worth

Although Kapil Sibal is a lawyer by name only, but his net worth is no less than that of an industrialist. According to the affidavit filed at the time of his nomination in the Rajya Sabha in the year 2016 itself, Sibal’s total assets are more than 184 crores. It also came to light that Kapil Sibal has deposited around Rs 13.8 crore in 9 bank accounts.