Kannada Actor Darshan Arrested over Fan's Murder

Kannada Actor Darshan Arrested over Fan’s Murder

Star of Kannada movies Darshan, his girlfriend Pavithra Gowda, and eleven other people were taken into custody on Tuesday. They were accused of killing S Renukaswamy, a 33-year-old native of Chitradurga, after he allegedly made disparaging remarks about Pavithra on social media.

Renukaswamy, who is well-known for being a huge fan of Darshan, was allegedly texting Pavithra a lot of offensive and slanderous messages. According to a police source, he blamed Pavithra in his texts for Darshan’s divorce from his wife Vjayalakshmi and threatened to punish her if she didn’t keep her distance from him.

On June 8, Renukaswamy was discovered dead, his corpse thrown into a drain in Kamakshipalya, Bengaluru. According to the police, the deceased was abducted from Chitradurga, held captive in a farmhouse in Rajarajeshwarinagar, Bengaluru, subjected to torture, and eventually succumbed to his wounds at approximately 11 p.m. He was employed in a Chitradurga pharmacy once.

Darshan Thoogudeepa

A security guard working in an adjacent apartment discovered an unidentified body being eaten by dogs on June 9. The guard reported the discovery to the Kamaskhipalya police. Renikaswamy was subsequently identified as the deceased, police sources informed News18.

The story began to fall apart when Raghu Darshan, also known as Raghvendra, the district president of Darshan’s supporters organization, who had been detained in connection with the crime along with two others, started to divulge information during questioning. This was another twist in the case.

The police identified three guys who they believed had been holding Renukaswamy captive in a shed after utilizing CCTV footage and forensic investigation to track out the body. Through a member of the Darshan fan group, Renuakswamy was located as one of them.

Kannada actor Darshan, partner Pavithra held for alleged role in murder over ‘offensive messages’

Victim Renukaswamy had allegedly sent offensive messages to Pavithra Gowda, upsetting Darshan. The two have been sent to 6-day police custody. Ten others arrested.

Bengaluru: Kannada actors, Darshan Thoogudeepa and his partner Pavithra Gowda, along with 10 others, were arrested Tuesday for their alleged role in the murder of a 33-year-old man.

The victim has been identified as Renukaswamy, who worked in a pharmacy in Chitradurga, about 200 kms from Bengaluru. According to the police’s investigation so far, the man had allegedly sent offensive messages to Pavithra on social media, upsetting Darshan. Renukaswamy was the only son of his parents and his wife is pregnant Click here…

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