Introduction to International Labour Day 2023

International Labour Day 2023 is celebrated on May 1 every year in various countries to recognize and appreciate the contribution of workers to society. The day is also known as International Worker’s Day, International Labour Day, and May Day. In this article, we will explore the history, significance, facts, and ways of celebrating International Labour Day 2023.

Significance of International Labour Day

International Labour Day is a significant day that spreads awareness about workers’ rights and recognises their accomplishments. Labour is an essential part of society, and it plays a crucial role in economic advancement, including industries, trade, agriculture, and construction. The day highlights the importance of labour in the creation of goods and services and focuses on the achievements and contributions of workers. The day also provides the right to work for only 8 hours a day to reduce stress and pressure.

History of International Labour Day

The history of International Labour Day dates back to May 1, 1886, when labour unions in the United States went on strike to demand an eight-hour workday. During the strike, bomb blasts took place in Chicago’s Haymarket, leading to the death of several people and police officers. However, the strike helped establish the eight-hour workday rule in several countries worldwide. In 1889, a meeting in Paris decided to celebrate May Day annually, leading to the recognition of International Labour Day.

How International Labour Day is Celebrated

International Labour Day is celebrated with various programmes and celebrations, and there is an official holiday in several countries worldwide. Workers decorate banners and flags with different colours, and various news and messages are distributed to increase social awareness among people. Additionally, many quotes and messages are shared on social media platforms to celebrate the accomplishments of workers.