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The third wave of Covid in Maharashtra may arrive earlier than expected, according to experts prepared by Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray. Sources in the body have told this to NDTV. Experts have said that the case count may start rising “quickly”. Dr Rahul Pandit, member of Maharashtra COVID Task Force, said, “We need to be prepared if it comes earlier than expected. We have to look at some mathematical models and then look around the world and simultaneously see that others How have the waves been?

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in Maharashtra on Thursday
9,830 new cases of corona virus infection surfaced The total number of infected after arrival 830,44,710 happened while 59 Along with the death of people, the number of dead is 1,, has been reached. The deaths of people who happened earlier 64 have also been added to this. The state health department said that 236 apart from the new deaths in the state Data on chronic deaths have also been included. 236 out of Deaths in elapsed 2021 Hours and 0m6fs1qo covid The deaths occurred during the last week.